Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mommy Confessions ~~ I'm a hippie?

I love music.  I'm not musical anymore, but at one time (read high school, junior high, and younger) I was REALLY into music.  I played the flute, joined the band, and went on to sing in choir, musicals and the "elite try-out" choir.  I have loved music for as long as I can remember.  I was brought up on '70's rock, bluegrass and country.  Yup, odd mix, I know. 

Then, I met hubs.  We are both "band nerds".  Hubs introduced me to a jazz/funk fusion.  He loves it and I do as well. 

There is this great saxophone player that hubs went to school with.  He plays in various bands throughout Michigan and parts of Ohio.  This weekend he had a show and we went to see him play.  Oh, he is sooo good.  It was a night dedicated to Herbie Hancock and it was phenomenal!  It was a very rustic show.  Okay, it was a show, in a barn, at a farm.  Rustic and great sound!  It was something that takes place yearly and we will be returning. 

Here's the thing.  I posted a clip of a show featuring this saxophone player on Facebook yesterday and said something to the effect of "This is who hubs and I saw this weekend.  He's great.  While the music may not be everyone's taste, we like it...". 

So today, my brother posted a response.  No kidding, he said "I didn't know you and hubs were part hippie.  This is a total jam band.  Watch out, hubs may start sporting tie-dye soon".  I cracked up.  The main reason, hubs and I do not give off the "hippie" vibe, AT ALL!  We've been accused of being too "goodie-goodie" by this same brother.  Something like this from him is a serious compliment.  Yet, it made me smile to know that after a lot of years that I can still surprise my brother.  I think my "super cool big sister" ranking went up with that post.  Hey, if it takes him thinking I'm part hippie to be cool, then so be it.  I freely admit that I like to be the "cool big sister" again!

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