Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1st blog

Hi all! This is my first blog on this site. Just an FYI that this site will be used to update family and friends on the happenings in our family. Feel free to indulge in the crazy life that is led by us. It certainly seems boring enough to us, but to others our life can be good reading. Being married with 3 small kids can be a fun life, but it can be very routine and mundane too.

Enjoy the blogs.

PS. I will never actually use our kids real names, but know that #1 is Peanut, #2 is Cubby and #3 is Sweet Pea. These are their actual nicknames used by me for each of them, so this isn't something made up. Also, I will not gripe, whine or moan about people that irritate me...at least not too much...lol. And if I do, it will not be to the detriment of the person. No names, ever.....

I am very proud of my hubby and family, I just like to protect their identities...

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