Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kind of a neat day

Today the kids and I did some sort of fun things. We got up this morning and got ready and headed downtown. This morning John McCain and Sarah Palin came into our town and gave a speech. So, we went down to see if we could see it. It was very very very crowded, so we didn't even get close, but we did get to see them take off in their bus afterward. We could hear the speeches and the kids thought the "parade" was cool. I have never seen so much law enforcement and secret service people ever!!! They had sharp shooters on top of the buildings, yes, I took a picture, but my digital sucks so I had to do it on the 35mm. It takes better pics anyway. Well, as they were leaving we were standing on the road waving. We were pretty far away from the crowd at this point because I'm always afraid that, if it's just me alone, I will lose on of them (the kids that is). Peanut thought the secret service cars were neat and Cubs LOVED the police with all their lights. Sweet Pea didn't care either way, she was just herself...happy and smiley. I was holding her as the bus went by and they were waving out of the bus. Mrs. Palin looked at the kids and I and did a "baby wave" toward them and winked. I thought that was so neat...and shows that she definately is a mother!! I thought it would be neat to go and see all the security and to have something for us to do locally. I think that I am only one person, but that my vote counts and that is is essential that my kids grow up knowing that they have a choice and should exercise that right to choose based on all the information. And, well, it was something different to do with the kids...hahaha.

Now, for the disclaimer.... I am not a really political person, I vote...that's my duty as an American, but I vote for myself based on my own opinions and system of values. I don't vote for a party or because I think someone is cute, cool, whatever..and my political views are NEVER open for discussion....trust me, if I wanted you to know my views, you would....

The kids standing at the side of the road

The police escort out..look at all the security!!

You can't really see it, but John McCain and Sarah Palin are actually shaking hands in the crowd...I have a terrible digital camera.

Anyway, on the way back to the car we stopped at the LM&M railway. Thomas the Tank Engine is visiting for a few weeks. They have the neatest Thomas replica made entirely out of Legos. It was so cool! I took some pictures of the kids there. They cried when we left...I like to think it was because they loved it so much...reality though, they were very tired and it was well past lunch and nap time.

Cubs in front of the poster

Peanut on the Lego Thomas

The front of the Lego Thomas

Then tonight we took the kids out back and Chuck practiced some more soccer with Peanut. She is getting so good!! I'm so proud of her, and she really loves it! Cubs, well, he went to play in the rocks and Sweet Pea was content to play with the two green tomatos that Cubs picked out of my plant. We had a nice relaxing family evening...I love and cherish those.

Peanut has been needing extra attention lately. She is feeling really left out. All of her friends around here are going to preschool, but she is home still. We honestly can't afford the cost of preschool, and I'm hoping she doesn't fall behind or hate us too madly for it. Time will tell though...Right now she is curled up on the couch beside me sound asleep. Should I put her in her bed? Sure. Am I going to? Nope! It's not often any more that she wants to be held and snuggled. With 3 small ones one on one time is a precious commodity around here, so I just enjoy the time I can spend with each of them individually. She is also my baby and well, 3 1/2 years has gone by too quickly as it is and I miss rocking her to sleep every night. So, am I going to put her in bed? sure, just not right now...for right now, it's just "our" time.

My Peanut dressed up as Tinkerbell...costume by her...

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