Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happenings at our house this weekend

Good Morning! I woke up this morning, or better yet, was awakened by the kiddos and started my everyday morning routine. Diaper changing, Helping straighten up the kids beds and this morning, open the windows. It is so nice and cool this morning that I thought I'd air out the entire house. Well, I started hearing the hush, hush sound when I opened them up and walked outside to see 3 huge hot air balloons really low over the back of the apartment. There is someone locally who owns them and flies around here all the time, but this early and that low are rare. The kids got pretty excited when I told them what the noise was and we all went outside to see them. 2 of them continued over the apartment and landed up the road a bit, but one of them landed in our back yard. Far enough away that the kids couldn't get in their way, but close enough that we saw the whole are some pics

Now onto the other weekend news....Cubby is sleeping in a big boy bed!!! Yay!! On Friday he woke up from his nap and was sooo mad because he couldn't get out of his crib. He said "stinky bed Mommy". We have had a toddler bed in our shed for him for over a month, so I took this opportunity to ask him about it, he said "YES!!!". So, we put it together and he has been sleeping on it ever since. He also decided this weekend that he likes the potty...amazing. We fought Peanut for a year to go and Cubs just decides on afternoon that he wants to sleep in a big boy bed and try out the potty...what on earth did we do right with him? He doesn't go potty often, maybe once a day, but that's progress! Here's hoping he likes it and will continue.
Here are a couple pics...notice Peanut with his

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