Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We had the house inspection and new pictures!

We had our whole house inspection done this evening for the new house. It went really well. There wasn't anything majorly wrong with house, just some minor things and those were mostly thanks to Hurricane Ike...thanks again Ike! Other than that, there is a minor problem with the circuit breaker that we are going to ask the seller to fix because, well they should. It isn't anything that will make or break the deal, but we just don't want to do it. We're buying the house, what else do they

We found out some interesting things about the house though. It was built in the mid 50's and was what was known as a "kit" house. It wasn't a manufactured home, but a kit someone bought and built over the basement. I think that adds a whole new aura of coolness, but then, I'm a dork like that too. The inspector said there are a bunch of "kit" houses in this area. Mainly in areas around older factories like AK, in Moraine around the GM plant, in downtown Miamisburg and in Mason. We aren't near AK, but I do know that the neighborhood across the main street and the one we live in were both built within 10 years of WWII when the "American Dream" was at it's peak. I love to learn things like this, but again, I'm a dork!!

Here are a bunch of pictures I took. I actually took about 70 of them, but picked some of the odd or interesting ones to post here. Enjoy and comment...

This is looking into the "guest room" in the basement

The bathroom---I love sinks like this..

The storage room in the basement. 1/2 of the room is lined floor to ceiling with these shelves...yay! I'm a couponer and tend to stockpile good deals! Can we say 40 rolls of Cottonelle TP right

The steps--2 handrails, great for the kiddos and carpeted, always a plus!

Built in desk in what will be the craft room in the basement

the front of the house--check out all the Ike debris...

Garage--I love the lights on either side!

I found this while exploring...a grape vine, with actual grapes...YES!!!! There is a rose bush too. No clue how to deal with a rose bush and I'm not really a rose lover either...

The back of the house

The huge tree in the back yard


  1. It's a really nice house!! I'm so happy for you!

  2. Nice house! I love the stockpiling shelves! Hopefully that will be enough...LOL.

    We're looking in Bethel and Miami East school districts, just North of where we are in Huber Heights. We have one that we are going to go look at on Sunday. I still think it will be spring before we actually buy and sell.

  3. looks fine to me and mum also. yard is a little steep though.

  4. The house looks great. I know you are so thrilled. I love all of the shelves.

  5. Gotta love it when it all comes together. (Btw, when something falls apart shortly after you move in, TRY not to get mad at the inspector. It's happened to all of us.)