Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It finally happened...

Okay, here is the backstory and then I'll tell you about last night.
Backstory: When I worked full time I took my lunch every day and so did hubby. So, when I would make my lunch every morning I just found it easy to make him the same thing (and save some money in the process!). Fast forward to now...I no longer work and Hubby is notoriously late for everything, so I still make his lunch while I'm making the kids their breakfasts. Our kitchen in the new house isn't very big, so two adults and 3 kids running around can make for a catastrophe! Well, I made the mistake of putting Ramen noodles in his lunch yesterday and boy did I pay for it...

Now onto last night. It was snowing pretty hard around here in Southern Ohio and Hubby called from work to see if I needed anything from the store. I ask him to pick up some bananas and a half gallon of milk for the baby (vitamin D). Those things should have cost about $2. When he finally got home I noticed he had a couple of bags and thought, wow..he must of found a deal on something. Oh boy was I wrong!!! I had what he called "a thrifty mom's meltdown".

He handed me the bags and went out to shovel the driveway. The first thing I did was grab out the receipt and look at the total. It was $30!!!! I was thinking "what kind of milk did you get...did you have to milk it yourself?!? Did they charge a phenomenal shipping rate? What?"

So, here is what Hubby bought. He got 2 pounds of Boars head deli meat for a total of $16. Some potato salad and chicken salad, again from the deli totaling $11. Then he got a package of hamburger buns and the things I ask him to get. I almost hyperventilated. Now, 4 or 5 years ago it wouldn't have been a big deal, but these days, it's HUGE!!!!

The big joke this morning was when he came in to make his sandwich for lunch. I ask him if he was going to enjoy eating "gold" for lunch...he said, "yup, every bite". I guess that makes it worth it, but the jury is still out. He did tell me after he realized I was having a minor meltdown that he is so happy I am able to save the money I do and then he apologized for spending so much. He sure can dig himself out of the dog house...hahaha.


  1. LOL...I love it! I feel for you! I've been there. I always have the thrify-frugal mom meltdown when my fiance comes home with anything (especially now that I'm only getting unemployment which is a LOT less than what I was making). We don't "share" money but it bothers me to see that he pays $40 for stuff when I could have probably got the identical for less than half the price.

  2. LOL..that is so funny...This happens everytime Tommy goes and gets something from the grocery store. He sees nothing wrong with spending $5 on a 12 pack of mt dew. Or $4.50 for a bag of chips. He buys several at one time because it is such a great deal. I am like how about you give me the $50 and I will go buy it and keep the $48 that I have left over afterward...Men can't kill them without getting caught.

  3. Okay, so what you're saying is that if I started doing the shopping instead of Jason, I could probably save $50/week? I could see that. I balance the checkbook and the amount of receipts he hands me on a weekly basis is staggering.

    Where the heck is he driving that he fills up the gas tank several times a week? And I'm catching on that he stops at McDonalds in the morning instead of making his breakfast. (He makes my breakfast every morning...) I was thinking it was lunch but he gets a cheap lunch at work. I'm slow.

    I'm starting to wonder if he even uses the coupons I give him...

  4. cyndi now you know the answer to these questions. YES you could save money. Men don't want us to spend extra money on what they call "useless" crap. But they don't realize that the only "useless" crap is what they are spending way to much money on.