Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sour Cream

This is my funny for the day.

Our little man-in-training has a small diaper rash..well, we call them butt rashes. Anyway, he was getting ready for bed and I was changing his diaper. He ask me "Mommy, are we going to put the sour cream on my penis?" Yup, he's 2 1/2 and has a huge fascination with anatomy right now, and I prefer to tell him the actual names of body parts, so penis it is. I tried my hardest to explain to him that butt cream was NOT the same as sour cream, but he protested. He kept saying "no Mommy, it sour cream, like on my potato from supper". Well, since we were getting ready for bed I didn't want him to get him riled up I let it go and walked out of his room and cracked up! Sour cream...who knew!!


  1. LOL...I love the things kids come up with. I guess if you wouldn't have put it on he was going to make a trip to the refrigerator to help himself to some sour cream.

  2. Must have been the week for these things...Did you see the one I put on my blog the other day?