Monday, February 23, 2009

Our "wild" weekend

Phew! We had an exhausting weekend. We went from Cincinnati to Dayton and back at least 2 times on Saturday and once on Sunday. It was all for a good reason though. We finally bought our little Cubs his own bedroom set. We found a great deal at Furniture Fair for the bed and chest of drawers and then went to Value City for a mattress and box spring. Cubs is so excited! He thinks it new bed is "sooo cool!". I think he finally feels like a big guy, even though we've been telling him he is for a while now.

We did score a lucky break with Peanut also. She went to spend the night at Meemaw's house, so we were down one kid for most of the weekend. It's surprising how much more free time you have with just two kids.

Sweet Pea did have a small crisis at bedtime on Saturday night. She realized about 10 minutes after we laid her down that he big sister wasn't there and screamed bloody murder!!!! It shocked me that having Peanut there was a comfort to her...and sweet too. The big thing from the weekend was the sheer exhaustion.

With the kids basically being off schedule for 2 days they were GRUM-PY!!!!!!!!!!! That is a lesson to me and Hubby though. On the upside, at least it was only the two off schedule and not all 3...I might have yanked all the hair out of my head otherwise.

I also wanted to share a picture or two of Cubs in his new bed....He looks SOOOO LITTLE in this bed!!

Check out that cutie smile!!!

All snug and ready for bed with his new Thomas comforter and all!!

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