Saturday, August 22, 2009

EnterTRAINment Junction

I'm going to give a free plug to an awesome place that's very local to me. It's called EnterTRAINment Junction. This place is the coolest! If you have a little train lover (as I do) and live in near Cincinnati, then I would head to this place!! Right now through September 13, they are having an Everything Thomas event! They have little hidden Thomas choo-choos and other characters hidden among their normal displays. The picture at the top of the page will tell you more!

The cost is a little more than if the Thomas event wasn't there, BUT...I'm willing to pay the price for a smile and laughter out of my son!! He thinks Thomas is the coolest thing since Daddy. And that's saying something!!

Really though, I just wanted to give an awesome place that's full of fun for little and big kids a little plug!! Go and check out the website for more information and if you get a chance, head out to EnterTrainment Junction!! It's a place for some "very useful engines!!"

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