Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Happened Wednesday

posted by Kandi

This week's edition of What Happened Wednesday s actually a What's Happening! My little man is using the potty!! I know, nothing too exciting about the potty...usually.

See, Ren is quite opinionated when it comes to well, everything. He's either a yes guy or a no guy and there isn't an in between. Since he turned 3 (yikes) in the summer we have been talking up going to the potty. Several times he got really interested in it, only to melt down when it came to the actual act of doing it. So, we gave up. Yes, you did read that correctly. We just gave up.

Finally around Christmas (of all the times, my son picks the busiest!) we were given some advice on how to get him started. The advice was to allow him to go to the rest room with Chuck and use the urinal. Maybe it wasn't he didn't want to potty. Maybe it was he didn't want to sit down and do it. Hmm, brilliant! So, we went to our local Wally World and let him do it. Lo and Behold it WORKED!!! I would have never in a million years guessed that would work.

Fast forward to the past 7 days. Ren is in big boy undies and getting the hang of the potty thing pretty well. We went from having the timer set for every 45 minutes to today not having to set it at all! I'm elated to say the least!

Now that we have conquered the potty (well with #1's at least) maybe just maybe we can conquer the "I never share my trains with my sisters" issue. Then again, maybe not....

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**The potty picture at the top is the the LATTSAM potty from Ikea. We have it and LOVE it's portablility, ease of use and that it can easily be stored without taking up too much room! They are sold for around $4 and this Mom recommends it! Also, I was not ask to recommend. I just purchased it last spring and it works well for mine so I thought I'd share!**

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