Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Potty Training Regression woes.

Several months ago, we started aggressively potty training Ren.  Yes, he's three, 3 1/2 actually.  I'm of the school of belief that a child will let you know when they are ready, and he *finally* let us know around Christmas. 

Things have been chugging along well!  Then around Valentine's Day he just stopped.  Stopped going #1 AND #2.  The messes were terrible!  I tried several suggestions varying from put him in a diaper if he wants to act like a baby to make him help you clean it up.  Yeah.  Failures.  All of them.  So, I sucked it up and went out to buy Pull-Ups.  Yes, I gave up.  Yes, I felt guilty.  No, I didn't analyze it.  On the contrary.  I just *let him be*.  If he wanted to use the potty and be a big boy he would. 

This week, that all changed again.  He's back to potty-ing, with subtle reminders.  He's wearing his big boy undies during the day.  Yet now I face a new problem.  He won't go #2 in the potty anymore.  AT.  ALL.  Absolutely, flat-out refuses to.  He waits until night-time when the Pull-Up returns and then goes. 

Sooo, does anyone out there have any ideas to help?  I really, really have no idea why he won't do #2 on the potty.  IS this typical?  Help me please!  Thanks!


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