Thursday, April 15, 2010

Protect-A-Bed Mattress Cover Review

About 6 months ago we started a journey in my family.  The journey of potty training Ren.  Yes, he's over age 3.  No, it hasn't been a piece of cake (think super stubborn do it himself meets ginormous meltdown when can't figure it out).  Up until now, we've been using small, hospital type mattress pads.  You know the ones, they put them under you when you have the kids.  Yeah, they are super absorbent, but small and not very practical for the potty training step. 

Well, I was tweeting about our new venture with several other Moms.  We were sharing our dilemmas, worries and catastrophes when I was approached by Protect-A-Bed about the opportunity to try one of their mattress protectors.  To say I jumped at the chance would be putting it very mildly.  I responded immediately and before long the Protect-A-Bed mattress protector arrived at my doorstep. 

When I took it out of the box I thought "How on earth is this going to work, it's so THIN!".  However, being the good reviewer I am, I looked over the packaging materials (because I'm like that) and thought "okay, let's give it a try".  I didn't wash it or anything.  I just went straight into Ren's bedroom, stripped his bed and put it on.  The first thing I noticed is the top of the actual protector.  It's sooo soft!  I mean, like you want to lay on it soft.  The pockets (you know, the part that actually goes around the mattress) are deep!  Ren has a thick mattress and it FIT!!  With room even!  That is a perk in itself!!

So, onto the actual protection part.  It's great.  Can't say enough about it.  Ren has had many accidents in our potty journey and nothing has gotten through this mattress protector.  It's machine washable, which makes it super easy to just toss in with the soiled sheets.  It dries quickly too!  I even hung it out on my clothes line this week and in no time it was dry and back on the bed!  I honestly can't say enough about it!  Really.  I never in a million years thought I'd gush over a mattress protector, but thanks to the Protect-A-Bed mattress protector, we won't need to replace Ren's mattress!!  Trust me, this is a good thing!

So, in case you're wondering, here is some information from the website:

Protect-A-Bed® Premium Mattress Protectors Are:

  • Guaranteed to moderate temperature and enhance sleeping comfort

  • Waterproof yet air vapor porous - acting the same way as human skin

  • Effective in preventing bacteria and dust mites from breeding in your pillow and mattress (a major cause of asthma, eczema and rhinitis)

  • Protects mattresses from stains (accidental spills, perspiration, bodily fluids)

  • Machine washable on hot, tumble dry medium

  • Especially helpful in cases of incontinence

  • Ultra thin with four-way stretch does not detract from the comfort of the mattress

  • Can be used on all visco elastic, inner spring and latex mattresses

  • High Quality Fitted-sheet style

  • Expandable skirt ensures mattress protector fits any depth of mattress (8" to 20")

  • Wash durability rating: > 200 washes

  • Soft and super absorbent

  • Can be sterilized at 50° C/120° F

  • Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100

So, here's the bottom line.  I feel a little silly gushing about a mattress cover, but if it saves us from buying a new mattress then I will gush about it all day long!  It's a wonderful product!  Lightweight, easy to use, launders wonderfully and doesn't add a lot of "bulk" to an already thick mattress!  It's fabulous! 

Dear FTC:  I was provided with/ given a Protect-A-Bed mattress protector to review in my home.  HOWEVER, the opinions and words contained within this blog are mine.  I really DO love this mattress protector!!!! 



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  2. Ok, I may just have to get this (not for me, but for my youngest - still wears a pull up but that even leaks sometimes).

  3. Ok, I may just have to get this (not for me, but for my youngest - still wears a pull up but that even leaks sometimes).

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