Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monster Jam!

Saturday night, after Ren's birthday party, we all got into the "Swagger Wagon".  (yes, we have a Sienna, no, it's not a new one.  It's well over 10 years old!  We love it just the same and crack up at the Sienna commercials).  We were on a mission.  A mission to go see some Monster Trucks!  Monster Jam headed to Cincinnati for Saturday night to "rumble in the jungle" (That's a Bengals reference for those not in the Cinci area).

I'll be honest, I was a little naive about Monster Trucks.  I have 3 brothers, but they somehow missed the whole monster truck phase.  I was thinking little trucks with huge tires.  Yes, that was the case, but oh my.  It was much more than just trucks and tires.  There was jumping off of ramps.  Crushing cars.  Crushing a large Winnebago with a picture of a coney on the side (another Cinci reference).  The roar of the engines was loud!  The height those heavy trucks could achieve was mind-boggling.  The roll-overs and tire losses made me gasp.  All in all, the kids LOVED it!  Hubs and I really enjoyed it as well.  This was something fun for the whole family. 

The point of the night I really liked the most though, was when one of the drivers was interviewed and he said he was dedicating his ride to a sick child at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.  He had the opportunity to meet this particular child and thought it would be wonderful to dedicate his ride to the child.  My Mom heartstrings were momentarily caught and right there in the middle of all the chaos that is a monster truck show I thanked God for the 3 blessings in my life. 

All together, we had a fabulous time!  The pictures below are of the fun we had.  Well, hubs time could have been a little bit better I assume.  Towards the end, CS had a slight *ahem* accident from her diaper.  It may have run down his leg and gotten on his shorts.  You can tell his *slight* frustration in the picture below....me, well, I cracked up.  Things like this happen to him all the time!


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