Thursday, September 2, 2010

Schooling Mom 201.A --Lost things

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It should be no surprise to anyone that I adore Semilla.  If you follow me on Twitter, or FB or even on here you've seen Andrea and I praise Semilla and their wonderful green sandwich bags.  If not, go check them out.  They are well worth the investment!  Well, yesterday A took her lunch to school.  She takes her lunch every day, so this is nothing new (have you seen school lunch menu', Jamie Oliver is MY HERO!!). 

So, A comes home and I start to empty out her lunch box.  I notice that she is missing the sandwich size Semilla bag.  Oh NOOOOO!!  I use my best "I'm just curious" voice and say "hey A, where is your bag that I put your turkey sandwich in?"  She looks at me and said "I have no idea Mommy.  Isn't it in my lunch bag."  I dropped the conversation from there, because really, it IS just a bag.  Inside though I was thinking Oh no, I don't have Ziploc sandwich bags...Yikes! 

Needless to say, today she is buying her lunch at school.  I need to get more bags stat!

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