Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ Meet A

Yes, I get that Wordless Wednesday is supposed to be about a photo or picture with no words.  For the next 7 weeks though, Andrea and I will be introducing you to each of our kids.  We realized that Mommy Confessions Blog is about our families, but that you may not know which kid goes with who and so on.  This is week 1 and I'm going to introduce you to A.

A is in kindergarten and 5 going on 15!  She's a sports girl with a passion for anything art, crafts, design related.  She loves to read and is 100% a Daddy's girl!  Over the next while you may see her mentioned, but probably not any "exclusive" posts as she requested I not write about her anymore (I think this has something to do with a couple of her friend's Moms reading this...Hi! btw!!).  This is A in her fall portrait, taken by me and enhanced with Picnik!

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