Monday, February 7, 2011

The call...

Friday started as a "normal" day around our house.  We got up, had breakfast and A headed off to school.  Chuck, as usual for him on a Friday, was running about 10 minutes behind schedule.  He scampered out the door and off to work.

Now, around our house, the kids watch the Wiggles and then Dora in the morning so I can get things started.  This day, it was putting the final touches on the grocery list and getting ready to leave.  As I sat down at the computer to print my list, the phone rings.  I  looked at the I.D. and saw it was Chuck's cell.  (Now, as an off-topic, not related part of this story, we don't have cell phones.  No, we aren't crazy.  I have enough distractions without one.  Chuck has one for work purposes only and it's rarely even turned on.  That being said, a call from his cell was not normal). I picked up the phone and glanced at the clock.  There was no way he could have been at work yet.  So, our conversation went like this:

Me: Hi!

Chuck: Um, honey someone just rear ended me on the interstate.

Me: WHAT!?!?!

Chuck: Babe, what do I do?  I can't think right now.

Me: Um, hang up and call 9-1-1.  How bad is the car hurt?

Chuck: Okay.  I don't know about the car, I'm on the interstate!

Me: Okay, call me back when you know more.

Once I hung up, I realized I didn't ask him if he was alright.  Bad wife, I know.  Well, then my whole day changes.  First thing I did was call and get my Mom on the way to our house.  I had the two youngest ones at home and in no way was I going to allow them to go pick up Chuck.  I didn't want them to see all the confusion and I still had loads of unanswered questions going through my head.

So, I got ready to leave and posted a prayer request on my Facebook wall.  Then my phone started ringing off the hook.  I got 5 calls in a 10 minute period.  I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends who were worried!  The funniest call came from Andrea though.  I picked up the phone and no kidding she said "Can this week get any worse?". I laughed then.  I love that she just knows how to make me giggle.    She was right though.  Last week pretty much sucked for us both!

Anyway, Mom gets here and Chuck called back.  The car can't be moved so would I pick him up.  I breathed a sigh and headed out the door.  When I got to the accident site, this is what I saw....

[gallery columns="2"]

It's not pretty.  We are hoping the insurance decides to fix it, but truthfully we don't think they will.  Now, all my fear and worries, there are some positive things I need to share.

First, Chuck wasn't seriously hurt.  He has some pain in his neck and back, but otherwise is fine!  Second, the gentleman who hit Chuck claimed full responsibility.  That saves us paying an insurance deductible.  Third, the other insurance company is really stepping up to the plate for us.  So far, they've been more than accommodating.  We are appreciative for this!

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