Monday, April 25, 2011

Letters to God

I'm actually writing this a day ahead of time, so it's Easter around here. 

Today was a pretty typical Easter.  The kids woke up early and couldn't wait to dig into their baskets.  Within minutes the begging for jelly bean filled eggs and hollow chocolate bunnies began.  Around our house though, we have a strict no chocolate before breakfast rule (okay it's not a real rule but you get it).  Immediately following breakfast the jelly beans started disappearing.

While I had the kids attention for a few minutes, I ask them why we have Easter.  Ren proceeded to tell me his version of the story that involved police officers, Jesus' mean friends and a cave.  Little boys and their imaginations!  Ren's story obviously had gaps, which were gladly filled in by A with her shadow CS repeating everything she said.  It was very cute, very innocent, and very humbling to all of us.  To know that at their young ages they knew the reason behind the holiday put a smile on my face!

Now fast forward past dinner and this Mom was finally taking a break from all the cooking and cleaning.  Quite frankly I was hiding in my bedroom away from the noise and clammer for a brief second.  Suddenly, in runs Ren with a pad of paper asking for something to write with.  I ask him why he needed something to write with (call it Mom's inquisition due to time spent with a Magic Eraser in hand).  He answered that he wanted to write a letter to Jesus and God to tell them how happy Easter makes him feel.  I gladly handed him a pen and he scurried off to write his letter.  He came back with 5 or 6 pages of paper with nothing but random scribbles on them.  I ask him what went to who and handed me several pages for Jesus and several pages for God.  Then he proceeded to tell me what they said.  Please know that I'm paraphrasing.

Basically they said that he was sorry Jesus had to be on the cross and that his friends were mean to him.  Another said he was happy Jesus woke up.  Yet another thanked God for being great.

My job is to now put these into envelopes and mail them tomorrow.  My only dilemma may be finding the address to mail them to.  Aside from that, I take my job of mailing these important notes very seriously.  This one little thing made my entire day glorious!

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  1. Andrea@mommyconfessionsblogApril 25, 2011 at 4:42 AM

    Those letters are pretty amazing. Good job. Ren I know lots of adults that still don't get that.