Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have a problem.  Maybe not so much a problem as asking for advice.  You see, A still sleeps in a GoodNite diaper.  She's 6.  She's about to finish her Kindergarten year in school and yet every night she still has to put on a diaper.

Now, know that in all honesty, I'm not that worried.  Maybe I should be, but I figure that she will eventually grow out of this phase.  If I think about it long and hard, I'm truly scared.  I'm scared that she will be invited to a sleep over and not be able to attend.  I'm scared that someone may find out and make fun of her at school.  My tough as nails on the outside, but tenderhearted little girl would be devastated if someone were to find out.  Within our family, it's not secret.  Actually, it's a family issue.  Grammy had bed-wetting issues, as did my own Mom.  I never had issues, but know of a couple others who continued to wet the bed long after they were "potty trained".

I also think she is a bit ashamed of having to put on a diaper at night.  Now, I've never said anything to make her feel this way.  Quite the opposite actually.  I've reassured her that her bladder may not have grown large enough to hold all her "peepee".  I've reminded her that this happens to loads of kids and she's not alone in this "secret".  She's done really well at dealing with it so far, but I've overheard her say to her brother that she wishes she could go to bed without a diaper on. 

Before someone goes and jumps on the call the doctor bandwagon, we have spoken with the doctor on numerous occasions.  She agrees that a number of factors are making it difficult for A to stay dry at night. 

  • First of all, it is a family thing.  I didn't know until recently that bed-wetting runs in families.  So if you or your husband (or another close relative) had a bed-wetting issue, there's a greater chance your children may as well.

  • A is a very, very heavy sleeper.  She always has been.  Maybe it's from being the oldest and always having to share a room, but she's taught herself to block out any noises at night.  This makes it hard for her to realize she is wetting the bed.

  • Her pediatrician suggested that her bladder may not have grown quite big enough yet, as I mentioned above.  I'm not sure about that, but I do know that when she says she has to go, she has to go right then!  There isn't any holding it for her. 

  • Some of it may be reliance on the GoodNite diaper.  She's so used to wearing her back-up at night that she's just begun to rely on it.

We've tried various methods to help her with this issue.  We don't give her anything to drink past a certain time in the evening to help stave off a soggy diaper in the morning.  We also try to wake her up at least once a night to get her to use the potty.  Both of our efforts are helping, but not as much as we thought they would.

Do you have a bedwetter?  What types of suggestions do you have for helping?  I'm hoping she grows out of it soon, but then again, maybe I'm hoping she doesn't.  I'm not so sure I'm ready to send her off on her first sleepover just yet. :)


  1. Andrea@mommyconfessionsblogMay 19, 2011 at 4:38 AM

    I am sorry I am no help. My another friend going thru this same thing. Her son is 9. Her ex went was a bed wetter until he left for the military. He recently came over for a sleepover. It was fine with me but the mom and I are good friends so I knew about the issue and I kept it from Evan. Most parents aren't so open to talk about it with other parents. But when sleep overs come into the picture I would just either have the sleep over at your house. Which knowing you,you will or talk to the mom. Send a bag over so that she can throw it away discretely.Or have her bring it home. A is a smart girl. There are ways to hide it. If she still soaks thru the pull up then you can always put in a pad or cloth diaper to help soak some of the extra up.
    I know you have been battling this for awhile. Like we have talked about it before. Nothing is wrong with her and you haven't done anything wrong. Just keep supporting her. You are doing great....

  2. I wish I had any advice but I don't. I will say that I was a bed wetter for a very long time and then just seemed to grow out of it.

    I commend you Kandi for being so honest - we moms seem to hide our frailties and issues when we need to be sharing them. If for no other reason that to maintain our on sanity and hear from some one else "I'm totally in the same boat".


  3. I was a bedwetter until I was 12. I wad similar to A in several ways (runs in family, heavy sleeper, shared a room). I would've loved to have had the option of wearing a pull-up growing up. I didn't go to that many sleepovers when I was a kid. I can tell you that she can grab it and take it into the bathroom and put it on, and her friends most likely won't know. If they do find out, good friends won't judge.

  4. I'm going through the same thing with my DS who just turned 5. At his 5 yr check up I brought it up with his ped. and he told us that bed wetting is very closely related to constipation. We got an x-ray of his abdomen and turns out, he is constipated. He's been taking Miralax (please forgive my spelling!) for about a week now and has not wet the bed once! Crazy I know! I never thought about this link before because bed wetting runs in my family as well. My cousin had a pace maker put on her bladder at the age of 22 because of bed wetting! My brother is 13 and still wears good nights!
    Here's a good read on it -
    I hope that helps and if not... you're doing all you can do. :)

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