Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just keep to your word.

Here's the story.  Today I am a wee bit grumpy about something that is completely out of my control.  It's driving me crazy.  I don't want it to get my whole day down, so I figure I'll share it here and be done with it.  Let the venting begin...

Earlier this spring, Chuck and I tossed around taking a vacation.  We haven't gone anywhere for vacation since A was 6 months old (that was 6 years ago).  We've done staycations the last several years and enjoyed them very much.  This year though, we think the kids are old enough to understand and remember a vacation so we started planning.

For our first "go somewhere" family vacation, we thought we'd go where we both are comfortable.  We are going to Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.  Chuck went there every single year growing up.  That's the place he took me while we were dating and even proposed to me at the lake a couple years later.  I guess it's more special to him than me though.  I'm not a big fan of the lake, but it's okay.  Personally, I prefer hiking and beautiful scenery (and no, hot chicks in swimsuits aren't my idea of "beautiful scenery") to water fun.  Yet, Lake Cumberland it is.  We need to teach our kids about boat safety and they truly are little fish, just like Chuck.

Fast forward to the planning stage.  We happened to mention our plans to the Father-in-law.  He jumped on board to our vacation really quickly.  I'm okay with him joining in our fun, that's not the issue.  Since my in-laws got divorced my FIL is really stepping up to the plate.  Prior to the big D, he only saw the kids on holidays (if even then).  Since he's been very active and making the effort to participate more in their lives.  I appreciate the effort.  Yet, here also lies our problem....

A couple summers ago Chuck and I went to the Lake.  It wasn't for a vacation, but to confirm our suspicions that FIL was "stepping out" on the Mother-in law.  We found the suspicions to be true and confronted him about it.  Long story short, that day Chuck made a promise that he was never going to return to the specific resort we'd confronted his father at.  Chuck's family had vacationed there his whole life and this one incident spoiled all those memories.  He told me that day "If we EVER go back to the lake, we need to find someplace new to go.  I refuse to go back to (insert resort here) because I don't want to remember all the "happy family memories" knowing my Dad lied for most of them".  I was a little shocked, but it is his decision. 

Fast forward to last night and Chuck is on the phone making plans for OUR vacation with HIS Dad.  Yup, I've been completely cut out of the deal at this point.  I ask about it and was told we would be going to the "never going back to" resort.  When I ask why he was going back on his word the answer was "because we know that place and I don't feel like testing new waters on our first vacation.  Plus, Dad made the reservation already".  Okay, so now I'm just livid.  First off, why do we have a reservation for tent camping?  Oh, we aren't tent camping anymore.  Nope, now we're in a cabin.  Huh?  This wasn't part of our vacation budget.  Granted it will be a bit easier in the food department and it has A/C, but it's also a pretty big expense that wasn't figured into our budget.  On top of this, I was really looking forward to going someplace new at the lake.  There are lots of other places to go.  If we suddenly have the budget for a cabin, there is somewhere I'd like to try out.  Someplace that comes highly recommended by friends with kids. 

I guess I'd just like Chuck to stick to his word.  I would also like a say in OUR vacation.  After all, if I'm not happy about it now, it's just going to eat at me and by the time we actually go I'm going to loathe the idea.  Thanks for allowing me to vent this morning!  I feel better having "talked" it out.

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  1. It would be very annoying to have those changes made w/o consulting you!