Friday, August 31, 2012

Kandi's Confessions

It's been another busy week, but aren't they all?

  • I have been so happy this week.  I haven't allowed anything to get to me.  It's been awesome!

  • We have a routine!  Life is a lot more calm around my house when a routine is well established.  I'm happy to report that the back to school routine is thriving.

  • All 3 kids won their soccer games this week.  CS's was especially awesome.  According to the little boy on her team they won 1000 to 2.  I love candy league!  4 and 5 year olds rock!  It's good, wholesome, fun entertainment.

  • Last night at Ren's game the opposing teams coach made our ref cry.  This girl is only in 6th grade and learning to ref.  Which is why they put her in the 6 year old games.  However, a 30-something year old coach screaming and yelling at this girl from the sidelines was not acceptable.  The parents from the other team were stunned.  We were stunned.  The game was called and Ren's team is receiving the points.  As they should.  What kind of example did that coach just show those little boys?  Oh wait, she showed them that it's okay to berate, criticize and make a child cry all because of something she felt was wrong.  Because that's the way life works people.  Make a child cry and you'll get your way.  Of course, if you don't get your way you may get a red card and the game called.  You may also automatically lose your game and my son's team may get the points.  Thanks!

  • Yup, I was snarky in that last one.  However, this coach needs replaced.  Quickly.

  • In case you missed it, we got to 'meet' an Olympian this week.  It was awesome.

  • It's book fair week at A's school.  I love book fair week.  Helping kids choose books that will foster their love of reading is so much fun.  Especially the little ones.  They are so excited about books!

  • I need to start making an easier menu.  At least until soccer season ends.  I am running in circles trying to get everything done.

  • CS is in love with preschool.  She walks around the house singing the songs she is learning and can't wait to tell us all about everything she does.  I'm thrilled she likes school!  We are 3 for 3 in the liking of school department.  Woot!

  • It is supposed to rain most of the weekend (thanks Isaac).  In honor of said rain, the kids will be deep cleaning their rooms.  I'm quite tired of little boy smell/funk in one room and hair accessories all over the other one.

  • A got the honor of reciting the Pledge at the ceremony for our local Olympian.  She was one of about 10 or kids who got to do it.  She thought it was pretty cool.

  • I had a long crying episode earlier this week.  It was about Ren.  Sometimes it's really hard to be the parent with a child who has a mind of his own.  Especially when we accept him as he is but for others he is too much to handle.  It's this constant pressure and load I feel because he is a little different.  I have very few people who truly understand and that makes it hard.  Those who understand are fine with him while those that don't expect him to conform and behave in ways that he can't.  I guess it's just hard to accept that he will always be the one 'caught' being naughty and will always be the one disciplined first.  I just feel like I can't get parenting right with him and others judge me for it.  It's a difficult pill to swallow.  To me, my son is wonderful.

  • I need some easy peasy weeknight recipes.  Please share any you have!

  • I have had some picture frames on the wall for about 3 weeks.  The pictures in them are the ones that came with the frames.  I haven't decided if I like the frames yet, so I haven't added our pictures to them.  You should see people's faces when they come to visit.  It's kind of hilarious when they realize the people aren't my family.

Well, I'm running behind (go figure right?) and need to get to the school ASAP.  Book fair awaits.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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