Thursday, April 11, 2013


If you look at this blog you're probably thinking "wow, never updates".  You'd be right.  I started this blog years ago and then merged with my pal Andrea.  We began Mommy Confessions blog and had a 4 plus year run.  We had great stats, contacts and had a lot of fun.  However, it was also a lot of work.  Too much at times.  So, at the end of last year, we officially called it quits.  We fulfilled obligations and walked away.  It's been easy and difficult all rolled into one.

For me, I've missed having a place to write.  A place to vent my frustrations.  A place to write silly stories about the kids.  A place to just...write.

That being said, I went through and cleaned up this blog.  Deleting a lot.  I mean, who wants to read about what my family was eating in 2008?  Not me!  I kept a few posts mostly for posterity.  They are reminders of my kids when they were little.

I hope you have fun reading the *new* old blog.  I can't promise to post daily because that's just too much for me and my busy life.  However, I will post.


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