Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, tonight is the big night for the kiddos. Trick or Treat is upon us once again! It think this year is going to be great. Peanut is still very shy about going to doors, but is okay as long as her friends are near. Cubs, well, he's a whole other species. He is already running around the house saying "yay, candy"...I don't think he's missed the point of trick or treat one little Sweet Pea will be helping her Grammy and Papaw pass out the treats while Mommy and Daddy take her brother and sister out to gather the "yay candy!!".

I thought I'd put a couple of pictures of the kids modeling their costumes on here. Peanut is in a homemade Cinderella costume. Yes, Mommy can be creative and sewed it from a pattern. Cubs is Sheriff Woody from Toy Story. I got a great deal on his costume! I bought it at a local mother of twins sale and got a really good deal! Sweet Pea is using the recycled Tigger costume from her big brother. Anyway, I hope all those trick or treaters that are headed out soon have a wonderful time and get lots of goodies!

Little Tigger

"I'm your favorite Deputy"

Sweet Cinderella


  1. Great costumes!! Love the Cinderella dress - looks great! I didn't know you could sew. :)

  2. How cute! Love the dress! We found our Woody costume but the youngest wouldn't wear it...he had to be a ninja (he only wanted the swords).