Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Official--I have a toddler!

It's official. Sweet Pea has become a toddler (why am I sad?). She decided Monday that she wanted to walk and stood up. She looked at me for a minute, smiled and took about 6 steps. Then she stopped, regained her balance and continued on her journey down the hall. Today, unless she wants to get somewhere really quickly, she is walking. Well, I guess our world just got a little crazier! 3 walking everywhere just puts an entirely new spin on my daily life...hahaha.

Now, onto the investment of more baby gates for the new house.

Oh, while I'm at it, Cubs has picked up some super cute phrases! He comes to the gate while I'm cooking and says "mommy, supper done?" If I tell him not yet, he'll pretend to snap his fingers and say either "oh, pickles" or "oh, man". He is such a funny little guy!

Peanut isn't doing too much, just getting sassier by the day. I am having a difficult time with her. She is so much like me in personality that we spat all the time. A lot of the day I just have to take a deep breathe, say a quick prayer, and let it go. Kids sure do show you all of your flaws don't they?

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