Friday, November 14, 2008

I was published!

To start off, let's just say I love the show Mad Men on AMC. It's a bold look back into the time where men wore suits and hats to work, there was a such thing as a drink at lunch and the women stayed home to raise their family. Now, that's just scratching the surface and time has told us what people were thinking. I just love the drama of the show and the fact that it makes me use my brain. Not to sound belittling at all to my kids or other stay at home moms, but sometimes I really miss the working world and using my brain and knowledge for it's intended purpose...(you know, why I graduated from college and am in debt with loans up to my eyeballs!) I wouldn't change what I do right now. I think it is very important to stay home and raise our kids. I just don't liked the idea of someone else instilling values and ideas into my kids heads. Anyway, back to the reason for the blog (and off of my soapbox). This show really makes me think, and just when you think you have something all figured out a curve ball is thrown to make you second guess things. I will say that it IS NOT a show to be watched with little people and that to understand the second season, you need to watch the first.

I am also a member of CafeMom, (thanks Angela!). I love that site! It is so great to find lots of other women in my area to have playdates with, share ideas and generally talk. These are moms from everywhere across the U.S. I am a member of a group on Cafemom called Mad 4 Mad Men (M4MM). In this group we would discuss each show and our perspectives on it. Well, after the season ended, we were contacted by Cafemom and ask if we would mind if someone from AMC got in touch with us for a possible interview. I was thinking, "okay, I love to write and have loads of opinions, why not?". Several of us were contacted and answered various questions. The article isn't as long as I thought it would be, but in it I was quoted about a character named Peggy. I am thrilled! I know to lots of people it may seem menial and nothing to be excited about, but to me, it's made my whole week!

Here is the link to the article and a picture of Peggy. If you are looking for a period piece show, with loads of drama and makes you think, then check out Mad Men on AMC's website or try and catch an episode to see what it's like. I will say that I don't agree with all the context of the show, but hey, it's entertainment.


  1. Holy cow, that is so stinkin' COOL!!! Congrats!!! :)

    So... do you relate to Peggy? ;)