Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our Christmas gift philosophy

Well, since Christmas is 15 days away I thought I'd share a little about our family's Christmas present philosophy. I know many people may have heard of this before and we found the idea in a magazine many years ago. When hubby and I got married we waited for several years to have the kiddos, 3 to be exact. During that time we talked and made decisions about raising our kids because we both want to be on the same page. Among those decisions was one about Christmas.

In a nutshell, our kids only get 3 gifts for Christmas from us.(shock I know). This is the first year that I've had to actually explain it to one of them. Our oldest is a very inquisitive 3 year old (almost 4) and wanted to know why. We explained to her that Baby Jesus only received 3 gifts on his birthday, so she and our other ones will only get 3 gifts, like Baby Jesus. Surprisingly, she got it!! She usually tells the younger two how things are in the world, so she immediately went and informed them of our gift giving theory. They basically kept playing, but at least she can explain it.

Now, I will make one disclaimer. The 3 gift idea is only on gifts from Mommy and Daddy. Santa brings each kid one toy (and it's usually a big one) and then they have a stocking that may have a couple of tiny things in it, but that's it from us.

It's great for several reasons. One, they can't argue with the idea. Two, although it is just the way things are right now, in time we hope it will make them think more about what they really want instead of a case of the "give mes". Last, it helps them remember that amidst all the twinkling lights and fun surrounding the holidays that there is a reason for the celebration and it should be more about loved ones, family, and friends than the gifts. But, explain that to a 3,2, and 1 year old....lol.

I hope everyone is having a great time shopping and finding super bargains. I only have 4 gifts left to buy and then we are done!!!! I'm just waiting for great prices on the items though.

Happy Merry and all the Trimmings!!!
(We have a family of diverse faiths, so I try to make it all in one statement)

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