Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chuck love Barbie

posted by Kandi

I think my hubby, Chuck, has a problem. It's of the toy variety.

Here's a little back story. Chuck has a brother, no sisters. Girls are more of a foreign language to him then men who may have had sisters. Well, we have 2 girls. Both of them are quite little girly girls at that. Our youngest, who's 19 months, has just discovered her sister's Barbie dolls. There's the back story.

Onto today. We had just eaten dinner and cleaned up the kids. It was family time and we were all reading books. Each kid got to choose 1 book for us to read to the whole group. Well, CS brought her new favorite toy with her. This is a blonde haired, bikini clad, loads of eye makeup and lipstick Barbie doll. You know the type. She hands the doll to Chuck while I was reading one of the books. I glanced up while turning the page to see my husband checking underneath the Barbie's clothes. Like pseudo feeling her up. I just rolled my eyes and continued on. After story time ended, the kids went to put their books away. It was at the moment that all the kids had exited the room that he looks at me and says "Oh my gosh, Barbie is a hottie" I gave him a look like he had 3 heads. "really? I just thought she was a doll". He said, "yes, but she is one little hot doll". I'm about ready to barf. I mean, has he never looked at a Barbie before. Come on....

I ask him about the feeling Barbie up thing. His response was "I wanted to see what was under there" Okay, it's a plastic doll with little plastic mounds. What did he expect? Silicone??

I can't wait until the girls move onto the next girly phase. Maybe I'll find out Chuck has a secret obsession for make-up or something too....

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