Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Talk about it/ Tackle it Tuesday

Well, I don't think I've personally done one of these, but I have several bloggy friends who do and I think it's a wonderful idea! My task this week is my basement. We are building a bathroom in our basement by ourselves. Yes, we may be a bit on the crazy side, but it was a lot more cost effective this way. We found out that contractors will help plan and give you guidance for a small fee. Instead of the unsightly $14,000 they wanted to build the whole thing, we paid them a small consulting fee and they laid out the plans, gave us a list of items to purchase and will step in to help if we need guidance. Guidance is the operative word here. They can't actually do anything for us, but if we get stuck they can advise us on a solution. Let's just say we are saving around $10,000 doing it this way and we are sure it will still be done correctly since inspectors still come and look at it to be sure we did it correctly and up to code.

So, now that I'm done explaining all that, here is my Tuesday offering. This past weekend my hubby and his BFF began cutting up the concrete floor to lay in the plumbing. I took the kids out for a fun day with Mom! Well, upon my return I found this:

Needless to say NONE of us expected the mess it made! So, since Saturday I have been cleaning and dusting like a mad woman! Here is the progress so far. I'm not crazy, I know it won't magically get done overnight, but it WILL get done this week!!

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