Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reflections on the last 3 years...

Today my little man turned 3, officially. We had his party last weekend so as far as he knew he was 3 already! I started off his day the same way I have each year with him, we had "nuggle" time. He was born at 7:30AM and (corny comment here) each year for each of my kids I go into their rooms and give them a kiss and tell them how happy I am to be blessed with them. My oldest is asleep for hers since she was born in the middle of the night, the baby was born in the early evening. My little man though was first thing in the morning!! He was the very first playing of the lullaby at Kettering Hospital the day he was born! This may get a bit sappy, but I am doing it partly as a memory to him and partly to share the struggles and accomplishments we've had during these last 3 years.

First 12 months

-Born on Sunday, July 2, 2006. 9 1/2 pound, 21 inch, blonde haired, steel blue eyes and the biggest mouth I've ever seen (although I've been told it looks just like mine..haha)
-got colic at one month and would cry for 1 to 2 hours daily. Lasted about a month or so.
-Stayed in the hospital for 5 days at about 6 months old for RSV. He still wheezes when he runs too much because of it.
-Fell off of the bed at 8 months and pushed his front teeth back into his gums. Dentist said not to worry, so we haven't.
-Had about 11 ear infections
-Found out he had little to no hearing in either ear and would need surgery.
-Became a little brother!
-went from 9 1/2 pounds at birth to 20 pounds by the 3 month mark...woohoo nursing!!
-Got his Bruiser, a blue Ty beanie elephant that he has slept with every night since!

Year 1

-met Miss Pennie and loves her!! See their story here.
-Had ear surgery and could finally hear this wonderful world of ours! I still gets teary eyed thinking about how amazing it was to watch him discover a bird chirping and his first thunderstorm!
-Became a big brother!
-Finally said "mommy" at about 18 to my ears and heart!
-Learned to walk on his first birthday, just toddled off after his big sister and never looked back!
-Got his first haircut!
-Fell and broke a piece of wood with his head!!
-Discovered Cars and Toy Story, still his 2 favorite movies.
-learned how to drink from a straw
-learned how to blow bubbles
-learned all about the "art of princessing" from his big sister.
-found he has a Sulfa allergy the hard way...ugh!

Year 2

-went on 2 train rides
-got his "big boy bed"
-decided he like Thomas the Train and Hot Wheels a lot better than "princessing" (much to his Dad's relief...haha)
-caught up with kids his age in speech and hearing
-said "I wuv you" for the first time and gave squeeze hugs!
-still loves to "nuggle" with Mommy first thing in the morning.
-helped plant the veggie garden
-learned the fine art of mowing the lawn with his little mower
-loves to help cook and do the dishes.
-can't wait to play outside every day
-can point out every make of car that resembles a family members or friends.
-Did I mention LOVES Thomas the Train?
-is extremely protective of his baby sister (a good thing in my book)
-learned how to fish with Papaw
-learned to ride a scooter and big wheel
-can sing about any jingle or song after hearing it just once or twice (just like me)
-Loves Life cereal and bananas for breakfast.
-is thrilled about beginning Tuesday school this fall
-has begun the potty training process!!!
-thinks NASCAR rocks...too bad Mommy and Daddy don't feel the same.
-learned how to make a friend.
-has grown to be about 3 inches shorter and 4 pounds lighter than his big sister.
-is becoming the most outgoing of our 3 kiddos.
-can speak better in Spanish than in English sometimes (especially with colors and numbers)
-can dress and groom himself (washing hands, brushing teeth)
-started getting chores (making his bed...)
-is continuing to grow and learn more and more each and every day!!

Dear Rennie,

I am so thankful that you picked me to be your Mom! I am eternally grateful to God for blessing us with a boisterous, rambunctious, and always curious little man! I love you so much and Happy 3rd Birthday! Thank you for giving Daddy and I such wonderful memories and learning experiences these last 3 years. We can't wait to watch you grow up...just don't be in a hurry to do so, okay? Thanks.

I Wuv you!
Kisses, nose kisses and BIG hugs,

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