Thursday, August 6, 2009

Farmer's market finds. tomatoes! I bought the orange ones at the farmer's market!

I LOVE a farmer's market. Especially the ones set up in parking lots or by the side of the road. Before we moved I was a frequent customer of our town's farmers market. Since we moved I have yet to find one with as much variety and well, just genuinely nice folks.

Today, I found myself back in our old town and the farmers market was in full swing. I was so thankful I was only going to be a little while with my errand and would have time to stop. I strolled through the booths and smiled to myself because I have personally driven by each farm represented. There were all kinds of goodies to be had, sadly, I only had about $10 on me. Sooo, I purchased 12 ears of white corn, 3 orange tomatoes (I gave one to my Grammy when I got home), and those sunflowers...well, they called my name! All told, I spent $9 and some change.

The corn we grilled tonight and had it with our dinner. The tomatoes are waiting for tomorrow to be added to the BLT sandwiches I will make for lunch. The sunflowers, well I put them in a vase and on the stove. I can see them from almost anywhere in the house and just looking at them makes me smile. Check out the size of them too! The picture below is NOT doctored or altered in any way. They are as big as the baby's head!!

Try to shop locally this year if you can. With the economy the way it is, farmers are being hit rather hard. Also, the food just tastes better when you know it was grown, picked and taken care of by people who love what they do!! I know the farmers at "my" market are mostly organic, so it's better for you too!! Just had to share my goodies of the day....

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  1. i love the farmers market...those sunflowers are awesome...