Friday, August 27, 2010

Schooling Mom 201 ~~ Second guessing

This week A and Ren started school.  Next week, you'll learn how their first day went.  Andrea and I are going to post about the first days of school at the same time.  So, onto this post.

Have you ever second guessed everything?  I mean everything? I have.  Several times this week I've second guessed our painfully difficult decision to send A to the local public school.  For a refresher to that subject, click here and here.  Anyway, this has been the first week of school and it went okay.

Why the second guessing then?  Well, as a Mom, I ask questions.  I think this may be because A is my first child to experience school.  I'm NOT used to this.  I'm NOT used to procedures, protocols, and the ways of school.  My first glimmer of a second guess happened when I we started on the first day.  A came home that day complaining about the kids being mean to her, the bus was gross and hot and she didn't get to say her prayer before eating.  Her biggest complaint though.  She didn't get to finish eating her lunch.  Now, she does like to talk.  The obvious question was, did you talk too much or did I pack too much?  She said she didn't talk to anyone because no one would talk to her.  She said she didn't finish because they told her lunch was over and she had to go to recess.  WHAT?!?!  How long do they get to eat?  I've taught my kids to enjoy their food and eat slowly to avoid overfilling themselves.  Yet, I assume they are supposed to eat quickly there.  I will let you know that I haven't ask the school about the a limit yet and this is just the complaint of my 5-year-old.

The second glimmer, or rather large fire burning, happened Wednesday.  It was A's second day of school.  The second time she's ever ridden the bus.  It was also an "early dismissal day" for the district.  That means they dismiss school an hour early.  I'm unsure why though.  She usually gets home around 4:15.  So, at 3 I head to the bus stop (which is literally one house away). 3:15 comes and goes.  Okay, buses run late.  3:30 comes and still no bus.  Alright, now I'm worried.  3:40 gets here and I'm now in full-on panic mode.  I call the school who gives me the number to the bus garage.  I call and it's the wrong number.  Seriously?  So, I quickly run into my house and pull my laptop outside.  I look up the main Welcome Center number and call them.  They transfer me to the bus garage (thankfully!). I  give the person who answered A's school name and bus number.  By now, it's 3:50.  The person then says "Oh yeah, that bus was overcrowded with kids so we had to call another one out to divide the route.  She should be home in the next 20 or so minutes." WHAT?!?!?! I was LIV-ID! The school district didn't think it was too big a concern to attempt to call parents?  They assume we will call them?  I didn't even get an apology.  Just a curt person at the bus garage.  My daughter is 5!  She's scared of the bus enough already, let's just play into that fear.  Thanks.

A did finally get home from school.  At her normal arrival time of 4:15.  A FULL HOUR later than she was supposed to.  I am at a loss for this.  To add insult to injury, the bus was late this morning too.

Yeah, I was about to mortgage our house for tuition to the private school after that fiasco.

So, how was your week?


This is Andrea here and lets just say next week is a must tune in week. It has been a nightmare of a first few days for Evan. Lets just say homeschooling might be in our future.

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