Monday, September 27, 2010

Mommy Confessions ~~ Manners = Uppity?

This morning, I'm scratching my head about something.  I'm hoping someone can enlighten me or help me out with this one.  Here is the scenario.

Last night about 8ish, I headed to the grocery store that's right around the corner from my house.  It's smaller, with smaller aisles, so you DO have to wait for someone to move to the side before you can proceed down an aisle.  I have no problem with this.  I actually like it because it causes people to interact and not just think about themselves (that's a whole other topic though).  I finish gathering the items I need and head to the check lanes.  I check out and had 3 bags plus a gallon of milk.  No reason to push a whole cart out of the store for that.  So, I return the cart to its "home" and begin toward the door.  Right about then a lady comes rushing through the in door and runs smack into the bags I was carrying, almost knocking them out of my hands.  I looked up and said "I'm sorry, pardon me."  Her reply "Get out of my way you uppity b-word".  Um, what?  How does apologizing for something and saying excuse me mean I'm an uppity b?  Was she offended that I actually HAVE manners?  I really don't get it. 

The thing is, I've been called something like this before.  At the same store.  It just really bothered me that I would get called a name for using manners.  Is the world really that rude a place these days?  I don't live under a rock or anything, but I also don't allow my family to get away with rude behavior.  Oh, I just don't know.  Maybe I AM and uppity b and just don't know it....HAHAHA.

Advice?  Insight?


  1. Hmmm maybe you just live in the wrong part of the US LOL I don't think youd'd be called an uppity anything if you lived in fact I think you'd be considered the rude one if you didn't have manners here....

    But I do relate, when my Dad and Mom took my sister and I to Maui when I was 14 I was either treated with amazement and or told not to do it when I said my yes sirs and no mams and pardons (like my parents had taught me)

    I think it makes people feel uncomfortable is my best fact if I recall correctly I even got laughed at by a couple from New York....which is not a nice feeling for a 14 year old

  2. Oh my. How rude! Not you, the person w/no manners whatsoever. As my parents have always taught unto others (and she'll get hers for sure)!

  3. I'm sorry, did you move to Dayton? That's normal where I live. In fact, you expect that kind of behavior in the tiny Krogers around my neighborhood. They leave their carts wherever they want to, they park right in front of the store to run in for something, they cut in front of you in line, and they leave their trash (including dirty diapers) all over the parking lot.

    I'm still polite and smile at people but I'm sure quite a few people have said under their breath what you heard.

    And the people downtown (Dayton) wonder why Krogers pulled out of all their plans to build more stores in Dayton. (To the point where they think Krogers should give money to Dayton for NOT building stores. Um, what???)

  4. Mine wasn't a Kroger, but I know what you're talking about. I actually started walking to the store because my van kept getting banged by carts (and it's healthier and a couple blocks I told hubs when I got home that unless they have an awesome sale or we need somthing quick I'm going to drive across town to Kroger for everything. I love my Kroger anyhow! It's a Marketplace and soooo nice!!

    I know which Kroger you are refering to though. We all know I'm not ultra conservative or anything but dang! Common manners people. Weren't you taught them as children?