Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mommy Confessions ~~ Back pain and butt cracks

Ren and Hubs sharing a quiet moment

Today I get a call from hubs.  He was at work and having kind of a bad day.  The call went something like this

Hubs: Hey, today stinks.  I'm not getting anything done correctly and my back is killing me.  (think whiney man voice***)

Me: Well, I'm sorry you're having a bad day.  Why don't you cut loose a couple of hours early and come home and rest your back.

Hubs:  I'll see.  (he signs off about an hour or so later.  Love his employer and his flexibility at work!)

He gets home and sure enough, he's pulled his back out.  I don't believe he's ever done this before, but I know from experience that it's very painful.  I help him hobble to bed to lay down on the heating pad and make sure he's comfy cozy (I'm a good wife like that :-) ).  I then head into the kitchen and get supper going.  A little while later, it's supper time.  We have supper every night together as a family.  It's important to us and one of the main priorities of our family. 

The kids and I are seated and I'm dishing out the grub.  In hobbles hubs in obvious pain.  He sat down as best he could and started filling up his plate.  The kids notice Daddy isn't acting like he usually does.  Ren in particular notices.  Just for the sake of the story, I was standing at the counter getting out some ibuprofen for hubs at this point.

Ren:  Daddy what's wrong?

Hubs:  Daddy hurt his back little buddy.

Ren: Oh, so do you have another crack in your butt?

At this point I am doubled over on the counter top laughing quietly.  Ren is so innocent and hysterical all at once.  He genuinely didn't understand.  I turned around and sat back down, shoulders still shaking from hidden laughter.  I look at hubs and he has a smile running ear to ear.  Who knew back pain and butt cracks were related?  Hubs did explain to him what back pain was and that no, he didn't have another crack in his butt.  I'm hoping Ren got the point....

***Yes, Hubs, you were a *wee bit* whiney today.  Just sayin'***


  1. He is so cute! :) In my case, that is what happened. I have about 8 (I think) inches of extra butt crack thanks to the scar! :)

  2. Andrea@mommyconfessionsblogSeptember 30, 2010 at 5:31 AM

    I can so picture this whole conversation going on. But now I have this image of Chucks butt crack and I am not feeling to well.
    I hope that his back feels better for your sake nothing like a hubby down to make for a long miserable weekend. You can come visit me if you need a break we are having out garage sale.