Thursday, October 28, 2010

A second chance would be nice.

Do you believe in second chances?  I do!  I think people make mistakes in their life and usually deserve a second chance.  However, our economy is making a second chance harder and harder to obtain.  Before I dig into the heart of this issue, let me give you some back story information.

Long ago, hubs and I filed bankruptcy (let the judging now begin).  We did a Chapter 13, which is the one where you pay back your debt monthly over an allotted time period.  Well, we did that.  We never missed a payment and were model filers.  We learned our lesson the hard way and paid our dues, so to speak.  When our bankruptcy was discharged through the courts, we were able to finally purchase our home!  Yay!  Now, we don't have credit cards.  We pay cash or we do without.  This is for anything.  We saved for well over a year to afford our van for example. 

Recently, here in Ohio, the weather has turned colder.  The first cold snap we had we decided to go ahead and change our air conditioner over to furnace settings and if it got warm again, well, that's what windows are for :).  The first REALLY cold night we turned on the furnace and nothing.  Hubs thought maybe he forgot to flip the switch and tried it again.  Nope, still nothing.  Down to the basement he goes and finds that our furnace has gone kaput.  Great right?!  So, we do what any person would do, we call in some heating and air people to give us some estimates (this was after trying to fix it with no success). 

We are trying to save our home some money overall and decided that a 95% efficient furnace is what we want.  This allows us to get some money back with taxes through the government too (bonus!!).  We got 3 really good estimates and decided on the one we want.  Next came the BIG QUESTION, how would we pay for it.  This being an unexpected expense, we have only had time to gather 1/2 of the actual cost.  We thought, well, we can try to finance the rest and make payments until we get the tax credit back.  Yeah, good in theory.  We can't get financing.  None.  Zero, zip zilch.  Oh, we've tried everything.  Personal loan, credit card, and I even cried at one location because our credit score pops up and says "whoa there, they filed bankruptcy once upon and time and we don't deal with that".  To the credit of the banks and credit union, the people who work there are very sympathetic, but their hands are tied.  I get it.  Yet, It's a furnace.  For our HOME.  That we LIVE IN.  Not something frivolous.  This is a needed item for our home. 

Basically all we need is a second chance.  A second chance to prove that yes, we did learn the valuable lesson that goes along with bankruptcy.  Yet, all the doors keep getting shut in our faces.  Hubs has literally worried himself so much he got sick.  I am trying to "hold it together" for the sake of everyone and being optimistic.  I believe we will figure all this out, but I'm not sure it will be in time for the really cold weather to hit.  We are still saving to pay for a new furnace, but other things are happening too.  I mean, we have small kids.  All of which have had colds since the first chilly snap hit our area.  They aren't getting better and that just adds to the stress of the furnace.  If our house was warmer would they still be sick?  Lots of questions and few answers.  I believe it will work out though. 

So, my question to you is, do you believe in second chances?  Oh, and thanks for reading my sad furnace story.  I'll make sure to update once we have it all figured out!


  1. Kandi, do you have any family (either side) who would act as a bank and loan you the balance with you and your hubs paying off over term (6/12/18 months) with interest?

    Just a thought.

    Hang in there. Wish I had a big fat coupon for you on this. FYI, did you see Andrea's post about how she saved $2000 on her AC via asking for help on Facebook?

    You never know what might happen if you use your network -- lots of local biz are online, might find one that will beat the best price you've already been quoted.

    Take care!

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