Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween party overload

It's Friday!  I think most people are looking forward to this weekend.  Halloween parties, trick or treat, and general sugar craziness.  For a select few Moms though (read Andrea and I), we are stressing in a big way.  Why?  We overloaded ourselves....again.

Today both of us have parties to attend.  A is having her fall party at school.  About a week or so ago a note came home and said "would you like to help out with the party?".  I thought it would be fun and checked the "yes" box.  I should have stopped myself there, but instead I had a moment of insanity idea that just volunteering to help wouldn't be enough.  Nope.  Not me.  I also checked the box to bring cookies AND juice.  Fast forward to this week and to put it bluntly, it's been a doozy (more on that later). Usually, I would make the cookies from scratch.  I had planned on making Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that were featured over at $5 Dollar Dinners.  Last night though, I found myself at Kroger loading up on 4 boxes of bakery cookies to take today.  I forgot the juice.  So, guess which Mom is going to make a frantic run to Kroger for juice right before the party (hand waving). I feel like I slacked on this, but honestly, does it matter?  I am taking cookies and juice to the party!

Now, I called Andrea this morning and she IS super-Mom.  As I was talking to her she was entertaining the two littles AND finishing up the treats she is taking for Scarlett's party.  Being the awesome Mom she is though, she also made treats to take to Evan's class.  While Evan's class isn't having a party, she still thought treats would be nice (I fail in a big way compared to At the exact moment I called, she was cutting licorice.  For hair.  For the treats.  To add to her Halloween party overload though, she also volunteered to help out at the class party.  Oh, and bring a small craft for everyone to do.

Why do we feel this need to do this to ourselves?  Are we losing our marbles?  I know for me, it's because A begged me to help out her classroom and I said yes.  I have a feeling it was probably that way for Andrea too.

Happy Halloween everyone!  Don't overload yourselves on candy!


I just have to add this. I am actually heading out the door to go to the store and buy more icecream cones I hand painted the ones last night and lets just say as a parent I would be PISSED if my kid came home with the kind of mess these would make.

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