Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~~ Meet Ren

Meet Ren!

Following on the heels of A, Ren made his appearance into family 18 months later.  He's a super helpful, curious little boy.  He always wants to know more information, whether it's how something works or why we do something.  Asking questions is his thing.  He loves Hot Wheels, Monster Trucks, Lightening McQueen, Lego's and anything to do with construction(like road building, home building, etc). He's 4 and so excited to be 4!  He adores his preschool and loves his teachers.  Writing has become his new thing.  He recently started writing his full name and other words, since then he's always asking for a pencil and paper to practice with.

Ren has had a couple of set-backs in his life.  He couldn't hear for the first 16 months of his life.  Two surgeries and some early speech intervention and he's fine!  His hearing has been tested and it's almost perfect at this point (yay!!).  He was also recently diagnosed with mild ADD.  This diagnosis wasn't anything we didn't already suspect.  Ren can't sit still, he's always full of energy and has some trouble focusing(more on this in a different post). To go along with his mild ADD, he's also on the gifted charts.  We knew he was smart, all our kids are, but this one caught us a little more by surprise.  I'll go into this one in more detail later as well.

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