Monday, December 13, 2010

Remember when I mentioned...

Andrea and I have been introducing you to each of our kids over the last month or so.  A few weeks ago, I introduced you to my youngest, CS.  I believe in that post I mentioned something about her having a way of "getting back" at her sister and brother for making or angry or not allowing her to "get her way".  Well, here's proof of that fiery little temper of hers....

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That is one of A's favorite books!  It's a hand-me-down from her cousin.  Mariah held onto that book for years hoping that Chuck and I would have a girl and when A turned 3 she gave the book to her!  It was so sweet!  A treasures it.  It has a permanent place on her nightstand and she requests a story read to her several times a week from that book (they get books read to them nightly, but this one is read more often than not). 

Last weekend, I heard the girls get up and start quietly playing in their room.  As an over-exhausted Mom, I appreciated the gesture and just stayed snuggled in my bed.  I wasn't sleeping, I was just listening to my girls lose themselves in a world of Littlest Pet Shops.  Then it happened.  As it goes with girls (anyone with a sister will KNOW what I'm talking about), the arguing started.  It began as a simple "I want my Pet Shop to be here" and escalated from there.  Well, my nice warm bed became cold pretty fast as I started toward their room to break it up.  All was well when I left the room and I headed toward the kitchen to start breakfast.

That night, A ask for a different book, so I thought nothing of the missing Princess book.  Until I tucked CS into her bed.  I stepped on something weird under her bed.  I got down to look under and lo and behold there was the book.  My thought was "oh $%@!, how in the heck am I going to tell A about this one?".  Turns out, I didn't have to.  CS saw what I had and immediately started crying.  She knew she had done something naughty.  I pulled out the pieces and looked at A, who also started crying.  Then, CS got up and out of bed, walked over to A and told her she was sorry and then ask me if I could "fix her meanie".  (meanie = naughty behavior).

I told her I thought so, but that she had to help.  She agreed and the following day we sat together and taped every single piece back together.  Lesson learned?  I hope so.  No more "meanie's" for her, I hope, but I'm not betting money on it ;-)

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