Friday, December 3, 2010

Ren says...

Ren can say the cutest stuff.  Most of it is completely off the wall.  Some is just random observation.  Take yesterday for example.

He has a standing therapy appointment each Thursday.  As we walk in, we are alone in the waiting room.  Then, it starts to get a little more full as the time clicks closer to the hour.  In walks a nice guy who happens to serve in our own US Air Force.  He's there every week with his son as well.  I don't know if Ren has just never noticed or just shrugged it off, but this man is always in uniform when he arrives.  Well, this week was different.  Once he got seated, Ren looked over and said "Hey, look Mommy.  It's GI Joe".  I smiled and I'm sure blushed as I fumbled for the words to tell him that "no, it's not actually GI Joe".  That's when the guy smiled and said "Yup, I'm GI Joe little dude.  I fight Cobra every day."  Ren was thrilled and mumbled something about loving GI Joe and hoped he didn't see Cobra Commander.  The guy just chuckled and thankfully Ren was called back for his therapy right then.  What's a Mom to do in a situation like this?  What would you have done? 

Fast forward to dinner tonight.  We had "Hamburger Wagon sliders" (if you're local you KNOW what those are, but ours were homemade and so. much. better!), seasoned fries and green beans.  Dessert was on the menu for those who made a good effort at their dinner and the kids ate a lot.  Chuck got to play the hero and pulled out the cookies with icing that had been hiding.  Everyone is chowing down the cookies when I drop mine right down the front of my shirt.  Chuck never missed a beat and said "See guys, this is why we need to eat over our plates.  That way when you spill it falls onto your plate instead of in your lap". 

Right about then Ren pipes up and says......."unless you have a ramp like Mommy does".  I thought I would choke.  A ramp?  My 4 year old son just referred to my girlie bits as a ramp?!?  I was speechless.

This concludes my post with what Ren says....I'm positive more will come.  Well, worried actually....sheesh!

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  1. While at the hospital, one of the doctors who assessed Carter came in with her fatigues on. But Carter, who is my sweet little boy, decided that she was a "bad guy". He started yelling," bad guy, bad guy" and started shooting her down with missile sounds while pretending to fly a Thunderbird. Everyone got a good kick out of it. I did have to inform her, that yes, he has been playing with Army Men lately. I tried to correct him but he was insistent that she was one of the bad guys ;-). Not one of his "cute" moments...