Monday, January 10, 2011

Evaluating and random thoughts...

Recently, Andrea and I have been chatting about loads of things, ideas, and birthdays (we both have January babies, plus hubby's!).  In the process of those conversations, I began to evaluate a lot of things.  No, not bad things.  Just your random, everyday, pop into my mind things.  Most of them have to do with blogging, plus some other stuff thrown in just for sanity sake.  So, in my "true to a list" style, here's what has been on my mind.  Oh, and Andrea, you already know about most of these ;-)

  • I have a LOT of posts to write that I committed to.  Yet, I am lacking in motivation.  Don't worry though, they will be done.  I always follow through on a promise to someone!

  • This blog has grown so quickly that I am constantly feeling behind in something.  That varies by the day but typically revolves around house cleaning, spending time with the kids, writing posts, or bulk cooking again, date night, girls night, etc. 

  • My "social life" has officially ceased to exist.  It's gone.  Not for lack of trying, but for other, more mundane reasons.

  • Being a blogger doesn't automatically mean you have money, time or want things for free.  Sometimes it is just to vent about what's going on.

  • Although getting to try new items and products is a lot of fun.

  • I realized that I know quite a few people just through blogging.  It's awesome to have so many acquaintances that can "talk shop".  Kind of like our own little "company".

  • Blogging has brought me some true friends as well!  You know who you are ladies!  Love each of you!

  • For someone who may be wanting to start a blog, don't expect it to just "take off" from the first post.  Andrea and I have spent a grand total of 3 years working at this.  One just casually chatting about it and almost 2 actually doing it.

  • Blogging is almost a full time job for me at this point.  I don't spend quite as much time on it as someone working 40 hours a week, but if I logged my time it could be a close call. 

  • Social Media is awesome!  Where else can you find anything in an instant?  Yet, keeping up with the constant changes, challenges and new ideas can be exhausting!

  • Each year it is getting harder to find new birthday ideas!  When you have little girls their minds change daily about what they want.  Thank goodness I can roll with it, otherwise, I'd be bald!

  • How thankful I am to have such wonderfully supportive friends.  Those who, as Andrea tweeted last week, "would walk through a pile of dog poo for me and I for them".  Great quote by the way ;)

  • The greatness of creativity in my life.  Whether it be friends, bloggers, or family, I am surrounded by wonderfully creative people.

  • Twitter makes me smile!  If you aren't on Twitter, join.  Then, find some "real, not celebrity" people who make you laugh at loud.  I have an entire column/list of people who make me laugh daily. 

  • When blogging, posting, and feeling overwhelmed begin to take over, making a list always helps!  Well, it helps ME anyhow...

  • Since the holidays ended, I just. can't. get. caught. up. with. anything.

  • Why does it always snow on days when I have appointments near downtown Cincinnati.  Which then leads to my babysitter canceling.  Which means I either drag the kids out in the snow or call and reschedule. 

  • Sometimes, a Mom just needs a nice bubble bath.  Or a spa day.  You choose.

  • I have been watching The Wonder Years a lot on the Hub channel.  Oddly enough, I still adore it!  That and Little House on the Prairie.  Can we make a channel for just those two shows?  Maybe throw in some Golden Girls just for fun.  Call it, the Kandi channel? 

  • Folding laundry ranks right up there with having the stomach flu for me.  It makes me hang my head, gives me a sour taste in my mouth and lasts for several days.  I don't mind the lugging up and down the stairs, washing, drying, ironing or putting away.  It's the folding that bites.

  • Yup, these are the thoughts that go through my mind.  Weird huh?

  • Do we put our kids to bed too early?  Their bedtime is 8.  We're pretty strict about it.  Yet, it seems people with children younger and older allow theirs to stay up later than that.  I worry about them not getting enough sleep.  Am I neurotic about this?

  • Lastly, the biggest question/thought of all is this.  When I originally started blogging, it was because I was inspired by others.  I felt that writing could be a creative outlet for me.  Then, it jumped into a whole other realm that I sometimes struggle to keep up with.  Can other bloggers out there still say they are keeping true to themselves?  I believe I can!  I don't jump on every single project.  I haven't done a ton of product reviews.  I still blog about me.  My life.  My family.  My general, everyday, crazy, boring life. 

Above it all, it still astounds me that people want to read about it all.  How wonderful and weird is that?

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