Sunday, January 9, 2011

Turning on the heat!

I'm really behind in updating things I promised to do.  So, just in case you forgot, here is the first post about our furnace issue.  We had the entire issue remedied within a month of posting that story!  Things really DO work out if you just hold tight to the positive and avoid the negative!

In the story I told you about our credit issues and mentioned we pay cash for everything or go without.  Those are still our values and we hold tight to them!  So, how did we get our furnace replaced?  Well, someone stepped up from out of the blue and offered to help us pay for it.  Now, we paid for more than 3/4 of the cost, but this person is someone who took us totally by surprise with their offer.  I'm not going to divulge the identity of them on here though, sorry.  Yet, if you're reading this I am taking this opportunity to thank you again for your generosity!

Now, onto the furnace.  We got a fantastic deal!  The furnace was installed by a very local company named Robinson Heating & Air.  They have been around our area for quite a long time!  If you are a local, you've probably seen their manila colored vans they drive around.  They came highly recommended and gave us the best deal of the entire group (we had 4 estimates total).  Trust me when I tell you that Chuck would not have let anyone in our house he didn't check out thoroughly.  They met all our criteria! 

On the scheduled day to install our furnace, they showed up, not on time, but early!  A knock on the door and there stood the two men with the owner of the company.  Yup, he personally introduced us (even the kids) to the men who would be installing our furnace.  Then came back when the job was finished to make sure it was done to our satisfaction.  Yup, they earned my recommendation that day! 

Now, the installation went so smoothly that at certain points I forgot they were in the basement.  They put floor covers leading from the back door all the way down the stairs and across the basement to the furnace.  They hauled off our old furnace.  Oh, and the nicest part, they waited to take their lunch until I laid CS down for her nap.  That way she could get a full hour without any noise. 

Anyway, we've had our new furnace since around the middle of November.  It works fabulously!  I NEVER hear it even click on, unless it's very late at night.  Even then, I rarely notice it.  I'm just super happy to have heat during this cold winter!  I'm thankful to Robinson Heating & Air for installing such a great unit.  Our family is more appreciative than we could ever express!

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