Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to the greatest guy I know!

Happy 33rd Birthday!


The man...

  • that after 11 years I'm thankful to call my friend. 

  • who makes me laugh daily. 

  • who aggravates me to the point of anger, only to turn into a sweet heart the second he realizes he crossed that line. 

  • who understood the importance of his wife choosing to staying home with the kids while he worked a thousand times harder to make it happen. 

  • the one that amazes me daily with his genuine knowledge of computers and how they tick

  • who has no problems tackling those super tough discipline cases that seem to overwhelm me.

  • who is tightly wound around two little girls fingers

  • is one of the few people who can truly look at our son and talk to him on a level that baffles me

  • holds the weight of issues larger than him on his shoulders, yet doesn't let it interfere with our everyday life

  • who may not be the overly romantic type, but more often than not surprises me with romantic gestures

  • that blew me off on our first meeting at Miami, only to come to my rescue a few days later.

  • who stopped going to college for 2 years so that I could focus on my degree (he graduated exactly a year after I did!)

  • who has the best eyes ever!  Technically they are hazel, but change with his mood and clothing color choice

  • that pushes me to be better than I am

  • who will never (unless you pay off the best man like I did) be on time for anything.  Ever.

  • that promised me our new bathroom would take 3 months to build.  2 years later and it is still no where close to being finished (this one is for guilt only!)

  • that held a leg, counted, cut the cord and cried each time we were blessed with another child

  • who puts up with my serious mood swings when my favorite person visits.

  • that over-thinks and researches everything.  Much to his "jump first, think later" wife's annoyance. 

  • sees so much of himself reflected in Ren

  • always drives the P.O.S. vehicle so that I can drive the safer, more reliable one.  For the safety of the kids.

  • has fulfilled every little girl dream I ever had and then some.  (it's okay to gag a little here)

  • that with the flash of a smile you can tell if he's being serious, devilish, or sneaky

  • claims to "wear the pants in the family", but if you press him will actually say we have a 50/50 household

  • who will listen and take in a situation before speaking.  Good or Bad.

  • that has a man cave that could use a little work

  • who loves his computer games

  • who never walks out the door for work without taking time to kiss and hug each of us while saying "I love you"

  • that has supported me in this blogging adventure since day 1.  Even if he didn't understand it at first.

  • who needs haircuts more than any normal person ever should

  • gives up the gift he wanted at the family's white elephant gift exchange to score his wife (who didn't participate) a new Vera Bradley purse.  That's love!

  • that crawled up under a desk to fix a computer on campus and didn't pay any attention to me burning a hole in tush in the process.  (yup, now you know why I was initially attracted to him...LOL)

  • who is walking through this journey called life hand in hand with me, which makes me the luckiest girl on Earth!


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