Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh goodness, we're in trouble

If you have more than one kid, I know you've probably heard someone say that by the time you get around to disciplining the last one, you're out of energy.  I know when we were first told this Chuck and I laughed and said "No Way we're going to do that.  CS will get the same discipline as the other two".  WRONG! 

You see, we actually discipline our kids pretty much the same.  Time outs are our go-to problem solver.  Although, depending on the situation, we will count as well.  That usually (and I use usually lightly) solves our issue of the moment.  The problem arises when it deals with CS.  Yup, you read that right.  CS is the one who gets away with a lot more than either of the other two did.

Why?  Well, to be honest, I don't know.  I've been mulling over this the last few weeks and can't come up with a reason good reason.  She just gets away with it.  Oh, it's nothing big mind you.  The occasional not trying a new food or sitting quietly in time-out.  Nope, we don't get as uppity about those minor infractions as we did with the other two.  This leads to a whole other set of "Mom guilt" for being too hard on the other two, but I'm working through it.

I think  the main reason why she gets away with more is her personality.  When she's in time out she'll sit there for her 3 minutes and then we discuss (in 3 year old terms) what she did wrong.  The other night, she pelted Ren with a Hot Wheel Monster Truck.  Oh yeah, she was livid at him for something.  So, we put her into time out and soothed Ren's boo-boo.  Once she was allowed to get off of the naughty chair, we ask her to come and talk to us about what she did wrong.  She climbs up between Chuck and I and he says "CS, why did you hurt Ren with the truck?"  She responded "Because he's a stinker winker (she has this small rhyming thing right now).  We went on to explain that she hurt her brother and that it was very naughty to do something like that.  We told her she needed to use her words to vent, not just throw things.  She acted like she understood and then we ask her the BIG question "So, will you throw a truck at your brother any more?"  She said "Yes, if he keeps being a stinker winker".  See, honesty.  Now, we aren't condoning the truck throwing, but let's face it, they are siblings and they argue.  It happens.  Thankfully, no more truck throwing has happened ;-)

Her new famous line when caught being naughty is"but I didn't do anyting".  Really, I can go into the girls room and she will be wearing all of her sisters jewelry.  I'll ask her if she's been into A's jewelry box and this little on will look at me and say"Mommy, I didn't do anyting, I pwomise".  Sometimes, it's very hard for me not to laugh. 

She has also started twirling her hair when she wants something.  If she wants a snack she knows she can't have she'll go to Chuck and start twirling her hair.  Then she'll ask for what she wants.  If he says "No", then she turns on the hurt look.  If that doesn't work, then she usually storms out and heads to her room.  The she will stand in her doorway and peak around the wall, glaring at Chuck with the funniest mean face you'll ever see.  Then she turns on the charm.  She'll come back down the hallway and ask to "snuggle" with you.  Snuggles turn into lots of  "I love you Daddy" and "you're the best Daddy ever".  Honest to goodness I think this child was just born with the ability to suck up!  At the age of 3 she's really good at it already. 

So, like the title says.....if this type of thing continues, oh boy, we're in trouble in a few years.

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