Monday, February 14, 2011

Potty Training and Protect-A-Bed


You all know how I LOVE Protect-A-Bed right?  Well, I hope you do anyhow and just in case you missed it, check out my previous posts.  This one helped save Ren's mattress from the ugly pee monster and this one gave me piece of mind when the kids snuggle in bed with us.  Either way you slice it, I'm a fan!  

This post is a little different though, I want to share some information about an awesome giveaway Protect-A-Bed is having over on theirFacebook page.  If you head over to their page, click "like" to like them.  Then let them know your best Potty Training Tip to enter to win Potty Training Protection Kit.  


What is the  Potty Training Protection Kit?  This is directly from Protect-A-Bed and explains how to use it perfectly!  

How To Use The Kit: 

Simply layer the contents of the Potty Training Protection Kit with the bedding that you
normally use at home in the order depicted above. When an accident occurs, strip the top
sheet and 1st Protector, revealing the clean bedding below. Your Child can get back to sleep almost immediately, and your night-time clean up is no longer a nightmare!

The Potty Training Kit Provides: 

*The Premium mattress protector is a popular choice in Protect-A-Bed's® line of mattress protection products. Premium features a cotton terry towel surface for superior comfort and excellent absorbency. In addition, the Premium mattress protector is backed with our exclusive Miracle Membrane®. Miracle Membrane® is waterproof while remaining air vapor porous, and allows body heat to easily pass through. It also serves as a barrier for dust mites and allergens, which provides for healthy, irritant-free sleep. 

Superior Bedwetting Protection Cool and Comfortable Sleep EnvironmentSoft Cotton Terry Surface Allergy and Dust Mite Protection  

Why am I sharing?  Well, we have just begun the journey of potty training CS and I see a serious uphill battle ahead with her.  She's very stubborn about it.  Sometimes she'll go, sometimes not.  It all depends on her mood.  With this kit, I'm hoping night time accidents will be just a little bit easier to clean up!  I can't wait to enter myself! 

Oh, while I'm talking about Protect-A-Bed, if you aren't in the stage to need a Potty Training Protection Kit, go "like" them anyhow.  Just for being a fan of their page you can grab the code for 30% off a Crib Mattress Protector!  Remember that they will be selecting 3 winners this week alone and one lucky winner will get mattress protectors for up to four beds in their home PLUS the Potty Training Protection Kit!  That is an awesome deal!! 

Good Luck and go enter!  I'm entering today and can't wait to see if I win!  The contest ends on Feb. 21.  

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