Monday, March 21, 2011

Do you coupon?

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I ask because I do!  I don't do it as much as I used to (bad me, bad bad).  This weekend was an exception. 

Last week, I saw on several of my favorite websites (Savings LifeStyle and The New Frugal Mom) that the Kroger Mega Event was going on.  This is usually an event that coupon people love!  It's all about matching up coupons to Mega Event sale items, then getting the Mega Event discount as well!  Trust me, several things are free, really cheap, or just a good stock up price!

So, I planned for about 3 days.  No, I didn't plan exclusively for 3 days, but my coupons were a hot mess!  I also went through my entire pantry, cleaned it out and took inventory.  I took inventory on my freezer too, although that was super easy to do since my "extra" fridge went to fridge heaven recently. 

All that done and I headed out yesterday with A.  She is such a great helper and loves counting and finding the items!  So, what was my reward?  Here's the breakdown of what I spent at both Meijer and Kroger. 


Total before coupons: $77.80

Coupon and promotions savings of : $32.87

Grand Total: $44.93!



Total before coupons: $164.84

Kroger Plus Card and Coupon savings: $71.57 or 43% (I had 3 Mega Event savings totally $15!  woot!)

Grand Total: $93.27

I really wish I had taken pictures of all the food I got!  I really was a lot.  My pantry is now restocked and the freezer is about to explode with yummy things.

If you've never couponed or want to give it a try, I suggest you go to the Strategies to Save post from Andrea at Savings Lifestyle.  I learned everything I know about the CORRECT way to utilize coupons(because, let's be honest, there are loads of people out there who don't "follow coupon etiquette").  I know not every family is the size of ours and that there are different areas with different sales, but once you get the basics down, it's a piece of cake!

Thanks for letting me be super giddy happy!  I love when I plan and shop to get the maximum result!  Also, I want to add that our family eats a lot of stuff "made from scratch".  We don't eat a lot of pre-made, from a box stuff.  I only point that out because the one reason I hear the most for not using coupons is "they only have coupons for boxed stuff".  We don't use a lot of that and my cookbook collection helps with this task. ;-)

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