Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Leave Me Alone!!"

Welcome to the most used phrase in my house.  Well, the most used phrase by CS.  She's now 3 1/2 and overflowing with sass and attitude!

Where does this phrase fit in?  Well, she actually pulls this one out at the oddest of times.  By that I mean she doesn't tell her brother or sister to "leave me alone" when they are actually bothering her.  Nope, not CS.  She will tell them to "leave me alone" when she is randomly walking through the living room.  The more popular reason she pops off with that phrase is when they are clamouring out of the van.  Oh yeah, she'll just blurt out "leave me alone". 

Her other new phrase.  "What about me?".  This one usually comes out at snack time.  She will see me putting snacks into the snack bowls and (with hands on her hips for emphasis) sticks out her lip and says "Mommy, what about me?".  My typical response is "I didn't forget about you" to which she will crack up. 

Do your kids have "catch phrases"?  If so, do they make you giggle uncontrollably?  I know the ones my kids say usually do.

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