Friday, March 11, 2011

Scent-sory overload...

I'll admit it, I'm a smelly girl.  By smelly, I mean I use my nose to smell things.  I love to smell the flowers, laundry fresh from the dryer or clothes line, my kids after a bath, clean sheets at bedtime.  You get what I mean.  All those glorious and wondrous smells that make our world well, smell good.  My two most favorite smells are Downy fabric softener and fresh cut grass scent.  Come on, you know you're thinking of those scents right now.

Yesterday was different though.  It seemed like every single place I went I was bombarded by bad smells.  I'm sure what smells bad to me may smell wonderful to others, but I'm sure there are a couple we can agree on.

The first being B.O. (aka body odor).  I'm sure through the years, our tolerance of B.O. has probably lessened, but I assure you, it's still alive and well.  My son's therapy appointment would be a lesson in this.  As I've written about earlier, Ren goes to therapy weekly.  Sometimes I go into his session, sometimes I don't, and sometimes I go in, speak with the therapist for a little while and then leave.  Today was a speak to the therapist, then leave kind of day.  As I walk back into the waiting room, I'm bombarded by B.O.  I mean strong.  It was kind of that stale cigarette meets haven't washed hands, showered and may work in a dump smell.  Did you just make a face?  I know I did just writing it.  The entire waiting room smelled like this particular person.  Now, I'm not the type to say anything because I realize that some can't help the way they smell and others just don't care, I'm okay with that.  My issue is that I can't breathe when I get into that type of smell.  It literally chokes me, so for today, I stood outside in the frigid spring afternoon.

My other pet peeve smells.  Well, dirty diapers is one.  Dirty diapers randomly thrown into MY trash can in my house is more to the speed I'm referring though.  Yes, it happens.  It's bound to.  When we got home from Ren's appointment, I unlocked the door and oh. my. goodness.  It smelled like gross diaper meets stinky skunk mixed in with spoiled chicken.  It was gross!!  I immediately took out the trash, sprayed my garbage can with Lysol and opened windows.  Did I mention it was snowing in Ohio?  Oh yeah, my house got cold fast but I had to get that smell out!  Thankfully a small cross breeze mixed with my *slight* overkill on the Lysol in the garbage and the smell was gone in no time!

So, I'm wondering if you have any smells you can't stand.  I have several more, but those are the two that came to mind first.  Needless to say, I was in scent-sory overload today.  It wasn't pretty or smell good. 

Oh, and as for the dirty diaper incident at my house, well, I'm totally blaming Chuck.  He's notorious for just popping Pull-Ups into the garbage in the kitchen.  (that's my story and I'm sticking to it! :-D )


  1. bad breath!aka halitosis!there r different kinds.when u need teeth pulled bad it can smell like poop.but then there is a plague smell that precedes that.if u dont go 2 dentist regularly it will happen.its still fixable @ that not bragging,(ok,maybe a little bit)but ive never had a cavity in my not saying i dont have coffee breath a lot,i do.but i am neurotic about dental health.

  2. When the parents smell that bad, you know the kids don't have a chance. I feel so horribly sorry for those kids.

    Your decription of the person in the waiting room reminds me of a boy in my 4th grade class. He always came to school dirty and smelly and he acted like he just didn't give a crap. When our teacher asked where his books were he just shrugged. Then she asked if she should call his mom and he said he didn't care. She kept picking on him (I didn't like her then and I still don't like that teacher) until he started crying and said his dad burned his books. The teacher walked him to the principal's office and we never saw him again. I thought he got in trouble, but more likely he got rescued. I just hope.