Monday, June 13, 2011

Clean gene

I know spring is almost over, so I'm hoping some of you got in your spring cleaning.  Me, well I got most of it accomplished.  I still have the bathroom closet and craft room to organize.  Although, if I'm entirely honest with you, my craft room will never be clean and organized.  I just mess it up again. 

Do you have a clean gene?  I think I do, well, maybe. 

You see, growing up our house was clean.  By clean I mean there wasn't a lot of trash, garbage or weird insects living within my house (I'll leave the mouse in the microwave for a different day.  If you need a visual, just think Gremlins.  No, it wasn't on purpose and we have no idea how it got into the back of the microwave).  My house was cluttered though.  There were pictures hanging everywhere, knick knacks on almost every surface, piles of paperwork yet to be filed, etc.  Our house was busy and it seemed as though we never got caught up on things...until we moved.  When we moved into our new home, it was spotless.  The floors never had a stray dog hair in them.  The kitchen counter was never cluttered and everything sort of "new house" sparkled.  I think my cleaning routine got stuck somewhere in the middle of this.

Confession time...I actually enjoy cleaning. (Shock, dismay, hands over mouth horror).  Oh sure, I get tired of doing the majority of our household cleaning.  Yes, I do get aggravated when I clean the bathroom floor only to find out a little potty trainer I know has an accident 10 minutes later, but I let it slide.  Overall though, I enjoy cleaning. 

Cleaning to me is just something I do.  I actually like having a clean house when people decide to stop by.  There are small piles of clutter and toys everywhere, but it's still clean.  Did that just make sense?  By no means is my house a "show piece".  You'd never find a photographer from Better Homes and Gardens here, yet you won't find Hoarders lurking around either.

I guess the point of this post is for feedback.  What type of cleaner are you?  Do you have help to keep your home clean or is it a solo job?  Do you like to clean?  Do you have any tips to make the jobs faster?  Share please!!!!

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