Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monster Jam Fun!

[caption id="attachment_4668" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Grave Digger, all my kids favorite!"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4670" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="It was hot! Check out their hair! We were sitting folks!"][/caption]

Saturday night was the BIG night around here for one special little man.  It was the night Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam returned to Cincinnati.  It was so much fun for our 3 little ones!

The evening started out well.  We found fantastic parking (hello $5 instead of $15!), the walk to the Paul Brown Stadium was shady, and the heat was tolerable.  It was hot though!  It was around 100-120 with the heat index.  Woohoo hot weather...not so much.  After a slight mix-up with our tickets and the resolution of better tickets in my hand, we headed inside.

We found our seats and the action began!  It was so much fun, as I've stated before.  Our seats were wonderful!  Ren was in monster truck love.  From the qualifying to the free style he didn't stop standing, jumping or cheering the whole time!  The girls were really into the event too.  That is, until A realized exactly how close our seats were...

We were so close that when a truck stirred up some dirt, we felt it.  Literally.  A's drink had a nice brown layer to it at one point.  This is where I would like to thank the concession people at Paul Brown.  A little explanation and they refilled it for no charge.  Thank goodness though, since as mentioned about the heat was a little intense and they were charging $5 for a bottle of water.  Rip off?  Maybe not for a normal event, but there were kids there and I personally think they could have charged a little less, just saying.

Anyway, I want to share some pictures of the event.  We truly did have a great time as a family and love this event.  Ren is in his element, the girls are having fun and Chuck and I are enjoying watching our kids have fun.  It's a good way to spend some family time!  I would recommend taking anyone to this, but a love of cars, trucks, monster trucks makes it so much better!  There is nothing more exciting than watching your kids eyes light up when one of their favorite trucks revved up their engine.  Nothing more shocking than watching a monster truck jump to huge heights only to come down, bounce and keep going.

I think Ren's favorite part is watching for a truck to roll over, and he got to see several roll overs!  He is such an enthusiastic little man when it comes to Monster Trucks.  He knew the names of his favorites and pointed them out.  His favorites are Avenger, The U.S. Air Force Afterburner and his absolute favorite is The Grave Digger!  Oh boy, how he adores Grave Digger!

All together it was a fun way to spend a Saturday night!  I really hope that you get the chance to check out a Monster Truck or to go and see Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam.  It truly was the "Rumble in the Jungle" we were hoping for!

***I was given tickets for my family to enjoy an evening at Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam courtesy of Feld Entertainment.  The thoughts and words contained within this post are my own.  Thanks!***

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