Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday~~Safety Town

Last week my little man attended Safety Town.

It's an awesome adventure for kids entering Kindergarten in our area.

They learn all about safety including:

how to ride a school bus properly,

rules of crossing the road,

all about fires and making plans,

and stranger danger.

Then they have some fun!

They get to have a small chat with "Mike the Bike"

(which Ren thought was too much fun and hysterical!)

They also got to drive a Rolls Royce.

Yes, you read that correctly.

It was a miniature size pedal car made by Rolls Royce.

All the kids adore this part and in driving them

learn all about road safety and driving safety.

To use the words of the Officer who teaches the kids

"I gave you the best back seat drivers ever!"

It's true, Ren now catches everything.

I'm so thankful for something like Safety Town.

What a terrific learning experience for kids!!

So, what's so wordless about this post?

Well, here is Ren, posing in his Rolls....

Doesn't he look so cute!

I'm sure I'm going to blink and he'll actually BE driving...


  1. Do you realize that your "Wordless" Wednesdays are getting more and more wordy? ;)

  2. I almost renamed it Wordful Wednesday LOL.