Friday, August 19, 2011

First Week of School

The first week of school is about to end and let's say it's been rough.  Here's a brief run down of why.  It may sound like I'm griping at some points, but trust me, I'm over it.

We took Ren to his Open House and such on Monday.  He LOVES his new school.  He has a friend from preschool who is in his class (completely unexpected) and has made several new friends.  His teacher has said he's doing really well!  He's already reading, helping out with clean-up and doing great work in math.  Let me remind you he's in Kindergarten.  I'm so happy he's doing well!

A is loving this year too!  Although, we got off to a bumpy start with her.  You see, Ren and A are in different schools in the same district.  Our choice to do this has benefits and drawbacks.  The benefit is that they both have independent environments with none of the "oh, I had you sister/brother and blah blah blah".  The drawback is when the school Ren is attending assumes A was going there too and transfers all of A's records.  We found this out on Tuesday at A's Open House for her school.  We went to her classroom and the teacher said something like, I don't have A anymore, they put her in a different class or something.  Well, this devastated A.  She has been looking for to having this teacher since last spring.  So, we go to the school office and sure enough, Ren's school had transferred A's records as well.  Doh!  Thankfully, this is where knowing the school admin's helps out.  Quick as a wink A's records were transferred back and she was back into her old(new) class.  Shew!  Crisis averted!  A took it all in stride though.  She has had a terrific week and is thankful one of her very best friends from Kindergarten is in her first grade class as well!  Yay!

Now, the busing in our town has sucked.  Yup, I said it.  It sucks.  I won't go into great detail about it here, but if you are a friend I'm sure you've seen the rants on Facebook all about the busing.  It has been terrible, a nightmare would be better!  It took a meeting with people from the transportation office and several insultingly intelligent emails to get things straightened out, but it looks like it's all fixed now.  Crossing fingers, eyes, toes, hair, legs, and arms that drop off goes well tonight.

All those issues aside, it's been a really great week for school to start!  It's not been too hot, the kids are adjusting well and most of my fears and worries have been dashed.  Both of the kids are doing great so far and we expect nothing less.

I thought I'd share a couple first day of school photos with you.  The sign holding idea was not mine, I saw it on Pinterest.  I loved the idea and did the "not quite as fancy" version.

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