Friday, July 6, 2012

Kandi's Confessions

I'm late in posting these, so let's just get to it!

  • I owe Andrea some serious money for taking care of things these last 2 weeks.  This is a best perk to having more than one person.  While I was having a nervous breakdown, she took over!  Thanks Andrea.  I owe you BIG TIME!

  • Our local newspaper misprinted the start time of the fireworks on the 4th of July.  Thankfully, we'd left early to see them.  The kids were none the wiser.

  • Last week I was gone for 4 days.  While gone all hell broke loose at my house.

  • I'm referring to the sewer line back up.  It was all over my basement floor.  Chuck cleaned it up, but I had to do the deep cleaning.  It. was. g. ross.

  • Calling an emergency plumber to come out isn't cheap.  Not cheap at all.

  • Finding out that your pipes need replaced from the street to the house is downright expensive.  Just cut off my arm and leg now.

  • Our replacement is more expensive than most because we live on a hill.  The have to dig deeper.  This is probably the ONLY time I've regretted our house on the hill.  Ugh!

  • We took the kids out on the boat for the first time yesterday.  They had a blast!  They've been on pontoon boats before, but this one is a ski boat.

  • A is officially a fish.  She loved being pulled on the tube.  She was even steering the tube over the wake so she could jump.  I on the other hand, was terrified.

  • Ren is becoming a fantastic swimmer!  He has a life jacket on, but was doing his best at freestyle swimming.

  • CS, well, she adored the tube as well.  Getting into the water to swim was a different story.  She loves to swim, but would not get into the lake for anything.  Instead she sat on the platform and splashed us.

  • Chuck got up on water skis for the first time in about 10 years.  I was impressed!  Memories flooded back of when we dated.

  • I put on flippers and did some swimming around the lake.  I got a pretty good workout.  I'm so sore today!

  • These confessions are late.  Chuck and I got up around 8 and the kids were still sleeping.  So, we took advantage and went back to bed.  We all woke up around noon.  I think we need to go boating daily.  :D

  • Ren officially turned 6 on Monday.  He got about 8 new LEGO sets and money to go buy more.  Someone has a LEGO issue.  ;)

  • We had his party on Saturday.  It was h-o-t!

  • Ren wanted a "splash pad" party, so Chuck got out the slip and slide, the little pool and set up the sprinkler.  Instant splashing fun!

  • It's hot in Ohio.  Super hot.  It hasn't been this hot since I was a teen.  At least this time I'm not a "bagger" at Kroger required to go "round up carts".  That sucked!

  • Why yes, I did work at Kroger while in high school.  It was a fun job and I am still friends with quite a few people I worked with.

That's all for this week.  My house is a hot mess and needs cleaned.  I'm sore and want to do nothing.  The kids are "bored" and Chuck can barely raise his arms after attempting to be "super skier" yesterday.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Stay cool and hydrated!

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